The Mans Decree Chapter 1430

Chapter 1430 A Blow To The Soul

The golden dragon hovered above Kai ’s head. Its dignified and domineering aura was enough to intimidate almost everyone.

“Get them!” Edgar’s brows drew together as he quickly waved his hands elegantly in the air. A black gust rose slowly and took the form of a black dragon. The dragon let out a ferocious roar before charging at Kai with its jaws wide open.

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At the same time, the golden dragon above Kai ’s head roared, charging forward without hesitation. Just as Kai and Edgar were engaged in a duel, Salvador and the three men acted as well. The four men worked together to conjure martial energy, and it immediately surrounded Kai .

Kai held the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand. Just as he was about to swing the sword, a familiar aura hit him. The aura was all too familiar, and it was the aura that he had longed for.

Caught off guard, Kai lost his focus, and the glow on the Dragonslayer Sword in his hand dimmed. “Josephine…” he whispered to the aura. Thump! Thump! Thump!

When Kai was still in a daze, the familiar aura vanished into thin air. Immediately after, martial energy as hard as steel hit him. Kai ’s body was instantly thrown backward. The Dragonslayer Sword slipped out of his hand and entered his body immediately.

Thud! Kai fell so heavily onto the ground that a deep crater was formed. The walls of the crater were about a few meters tall. Kai lay inside the crater, disheveled.

Following a roar, the golden dragon disappeared into bits of golden light after it lost Kai ’s control.

“ Kai !” Howard rushed forward and pulled Kai out of the crater. “What are you doing? This is a life-and-death battle! How could you lose your focus?”

Howard had witnessed everything. He noticed how Kai had gotten lost in thought at the most crucial moment in the fight.

“Josephine… Josephine!” Kai muttered to himself.

The familiar aura he had felt just now had completely messed with his consciousness. At that moment, Kai looked as though he had lost his mind.

Standing not far away were Edgar, Salvador, and the other men. Looks of confusion flashed across their faces as they saw Kai acting so differently all of a sudden.

The few of them approached Kai cautiously, wary that the latter might be pulling a trick on them.

“ Kai , wake up. Wake up! Your girlfriend isn’t here. She’s not here. These people are here to kill you!”

Howard shook Kai ’s body vigorously in hopes that he would be able to snap Kai out of his daze.

To Howard’s dismay, Kai ’s eyes were completely empty. It was as though he had gone senile, and Howard was extremely perplexed by Kai ’s reaction.

“This happens when his soul and mind got triggered during extreme levels of concentration. A mind-purifying pill might help,” Astrid explained after she tossed Kai a glance.

Unfortunately, it was impossible for them to acquire mind-purifying pills at that place and time.

Without any other choice, Howard could only continue shaking and shouting at Kai with all his might, praying that the latter would snap out of it.

Meanwhile, Edgar and the rest did not strike immediately when they saw Kai . Instead, they turned to look at Zion.

With huge strides, Zion marched over. After a brief moment of observation, he was certain that Kai was not faking it. The latter did, in fact, receive a blow mentally.

“Hahaha! Kai had received a blow to his soul and is now no different than a retard. Any one of you can kill him off now!” Zion guffawed in excitement.

“President Zeigler, what’s going on? Why would Kai suddenly be in this state?”

Edgar was puzzled. He had been fighting Kai for a long while, but Kai had been fine. Yet, the moment Salvador and his team attacked, Kai fell into a daze.

“I’m not sure either.” Zion shook his head. He only knew that Kai was affected mentally, but he had yet to figure out the cause of it.

Hearing that, Edgar frowned in response and scrutinized Kai .


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