The Mans Decree Chapter 1493

Chapter 1493 A Single Strike

Looking in the direction where Kai disappeared, The Villainous Four exchanged glances with each other because they didn’t know if they should follow Kai or stop Rayleigh.
“Oakley, what do we do?” Travis asked.

They were afraid that Kai would be in danger if he went to the Deragon residence alone.

However, if they followed him, he would never forgive them if something happened to Rayleigh.

“Let’s go back and stop Mr. Rayleigh first…”

Oakley turned around and disappeared into the darkness in a flash.
Meanwhile, there were only a few higher-ups left overseeing the Deragon residence since Ryker had brought Edgar to meet Rayleigh.

The Deragons had strengthened their security ever since the black-robed man’s frequent murders.

Not only the two guards at the entrance were substituted by Martial Arts Grandmasters, but there were also more than ten Martial Arts Marquis on guard in the courtyard.

Other than the ones who were trained by the Deragon family, the remaining Martial Arts Marquises were hired by Ryker at a high price.

“The elusive black-robed man is not going to show up, is he?” one of the guards in front of the Deragon residence asked his partner fearfully.

“Definitely not. Don’t worry. Don’t you realize that all the sects and prestigious families that were already wiped out were not capable enough in the first place? The Deragon family is one of the best in Jadeborough. He wouldn’t dare…” another guard reassured him.

“That’s good to hear. My eyelids have been twitching for the past few days. Now that Mr. Ryker and Mr. Edgar have left, I feel so flustered and worried…” the frightened guard whispered.

“What is there to worry about? There are more than ten Martial Arts Marquises on guard right now in the courtyard. Even if the black-robed man comes, he will not be able to get away alive. I’ve lived in the Deragon residence for more than two decades, and I’ve never seen such a massive troop of Martial Arts Marquises before. Relax…”

The guard patted his frightened partner’s shoulder.

However, just as he finished comforting his partner, a long shadow under the streetlight caught their attention.

The guards tensed up when they saw a man wearing a black robe and a hat that concealed his face approaching the Deragon residence slowly.

“The black-robed man…”

Pale from fright, the timid guard immediately wanted to turn around and flee to the courtyard.

However, the moment he turned around, he got pulled toward the black-robed man by an unseen force.

Before the guard could even let out a scream, he was sent to his death by the black-robed man’s sharp blade.

Upon witnessing the murder, the other guard fell to his knees with a thud.

He might have seemed fearless when talking to his partner just now, but in fact, he was terrified to see Kai!

Kai glanced at the guard. He spared his life and headed toward the courtyard instead.

The moment he stepped into the courtyard, a dozen terrifying auras came from all sides and surrounded him instantly.

The combined auras of the Martial Arts Marquises intensified.

Although there were more than ten of them, their nervous and wary breaths could be heard because they knew about his reputation for being ruthless.
At that moment, Godrick was secretly observing Kai from a corner. Even though he couldn’t get a clear glimpse of Kai’s face, he thought the man before him felt familiar.

“Scoundrel! How dare you barge into the Deragon residence in the middle of the night? Do you have a death wish?”

Kai watched as one of the higher-ups of the Deragon family stepped forward and yelled at him. He felt the fury in his heart reach its peak.

He knew that his mother was somewhere in the Deragon residence currently!


Without another word, Kai held up his Dragonslayer Sword, which flared brightly like a shooting star cutting through the night sky.


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