The Mans Decree Chapter 1679

Chapter 1679 Green With Envy

Although Kai was quite reluctant initially, the thought that Evangeline was no different from a puppet dispelled all his worries.

After he rested in the Deragon residence for a few days, almost all of his injuries healed.

He planned to bring Evangeline to the Medicine God Sect to see if there were any pills that could cure her.

After all, the Medicine God Sect was capable of creating higher-level pills with the Divine Cauldron.

However, just when Kai was about to take Evangeline to the Medicine God Sect, someone suddenly informed him that there was a girl outside requesting to meet Kai.

Kai was surprised as he could not figure out why a girl would suddenly come looking for him.

When he went out, he realized that it was Astrid.

Astrid instantly patted his cheek upon spotting him. “You haven’t seen me for a few days. Do you miss me?”

She did not take heed of Fernando’s advice at all.

Kai took a few steps back and asked awkwardly, “Why did you look for me, Ms. Gunderson?”
“It’s not me who’s looking for you. My father would like to invite you to the Gunderson residence,” clarified Astrid.

Knowing that something must have happened for Fernando to invite him, Kai said, “Okay! Let’s go…”

Without saying anything else, Kai opened the car door and entered the car.
Smirking, Astrid entered the car and sat in the backseat as well.

“Start driving,” she instructed the driver while pressing closely against Kai.

Kai was left at a loss for what to do. With Astrid sitting on his left and Evangeline on his right, he was pinned in the middle of both of them, unable to budge at all.

After the car drove off, a sorrowful look surfaced on Lizbeth’s face as she stood in the Deragon residence’s courtyard.

“I’ve told you that Kai’s an exceptional man. There’ll be many girls fancying him in the future. If you continue to follow him, you must accept that reality…” advised Rayleigh calmly, who was beside Lizbeth.
Lizbeth forced out a smile. “I can accept it, Mr. Deragon. Don’t worry…”

Meanwhile, Astrid was persistently leaning against Kai’s body.
He did not dare to move even for the slightest bit as he would touch her body if he did so.

Noticing how stiff he was, Astrid teased him with a smile, “Are you afraid of me? You’ve seen every single inch of my body, so it’s no big deal even if you touch me. I’ve told you that I like you and will go to any lengths to pursue you…”

After saying that, Astrid even shot a glance at Evangeline provokingly.

Women were just like that. Even though Evangeline’s eyes were completely lifeless like a puppet’s, Astrid still viewed her as a rival.
“Ms. Gunderson, I know that you like me but I don’t want to think about it for the time being. Furthermore, I already have a girlfriend…” explained Kai awkwardly.

“I said that I don’t care. You have more than one girlfriend anyway, so it doesn’t matter if I join the ranks too.”

As Astrid spoke, she even rested her head on Kai’s shoulder.

There was nothing Kai could do but let her lean against him. He closed his eyes and recited the calming incantation in his mind.
Otherwise, he could not guarantee that he could hold himself back from taking advantage of Astrid there and then.

After all, he was a normal man.

Just when he was reciting the calming incantation, he suddenly felt someone also leaning on his right shoulder.

When he opened his eyes to look, he realized that it was Evangeline. Although her eyes were still lifeless, she was mimicking Astrid’s actions and resting her head on his shoulder.

That surprised Kai greatly. If Evangeline had developed feelings, it proved that she was recovering gradually.

The driver was engulfed with envy when he saw how Kai was surrounded by two gorgeous girls, yet looking like it was a torment.


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