The Mans Decree Chapter 1680

Chapter 1680 Start A Faction

After Kai arrived at the Gunderson residence, Fernando welcomed him respectfully. He even treated Evangeline, who remained silent throughout, with utmost care.

Astrid was confused when she saw her father acting like that, unable to understand what had taken over him.

“Please sit, Mr. Chance…”

Fernando let Kai take his seat, which was designated for the master of the house.
Even though Kai wanted to reject it at first, he saw that Franklin had already sat down at the side.

Left with no choice, Kai could only take the seat while Evangeline stood beside him motionlessly.

“Why did you look for me, Mr. Gunderson?” asked Kai.
Fernando glanced at Astrid. “Go out for a while, Astrid.”

“Dad, what is it that I am not supposed to know?” she protested unhappily with a pout.

“Just get out if I tell you to. Why are you asking so many questions?” A cold look appeared on Fernando’s face.

Astrid had no choice but to leave when she saw that. With a casual wave of his hand, Fernando surrounded them with teleportation magecraft.

Noticing Fernando’s mysterious behavior, Kai had a feeling that it was about something important.
“Mr. Chance, Great Elder has relayed a message to us. Now that strange phenomena are being observed everywhere in heaven and earth, the spiritual energy revival might be coming soon! The major sects and prestigious families in the eight secret realms are growing restless. Many of them start to reveal themselves through their representatives in the mundane world. Having stayed concealed for so many years, exposing themselves at this precise moment implies that a drastic change is going to befall the martial arts world soon. If it’s actually a spiritual energy revival, the eight secret realms will collapse. Hence, the sects and prestigious families within them will need to gain control over resources and territory in the mundane world beforehand. Great Elder hopes that you can start preparing now. When the secret realms collapse, the Gunderson family can quickly reclaim territory and resources under your lead. That’ll secure us some breathing room.”

It was hard to digest Fernando’s speech in a short moment.
If the secret realms collapsed, the sects and prominent families practicing spiritual energy cultivation would return to the mundane world, introducing utter chaos.

What would happen to the martial arts world and its people?

After all, the martial arts world could not be compared to the heavenly realm.

“Mr. Gunderson, if the secret realms collapse, doesn’t it mean that the martial arts world will be gone too?” asked Kai.

Fernando smiled. “Mr. Chance, even if the secret realms collapse and the sects and prestigious families return to the mundane world, the martial arts world will not be doomed. However, it will not be as glorious as it is now. The major families of the martial arts world will also be reduced to lowly servants of energy cultivators. Many martial arts families are currently supported by families practicing spiritual energy cultivation, acting as spokespersons of these families in the mundane world. It’s quite rare for families practicing spiritual energy cultivation to personally send representatives to the mundane world such as the Gunderson family. After all, it would weaken the family’s strength. The members of the Gunderson family are unable to upgrade themselves as their abilities have been suppressed. This is why I made Astrid train to become a martial artist since young instead of divine martial art. If she practiced divine martial art, she won’t be able to level up much in the mundane world.”

Kai fell into deep thought when he heard what Fernando said. If that’s the case, I should really pay attention to developing my power and territory.

Such a thought had never crossed his mind. All he wanted was to save Kai and his mother.

He had never even considered starting a faction.

Even for the regiments in Dragon Sect, Kai held a laissez-faire attitude and barely took charge of them.

Although he was the lord of the Medicine God Sect, it was merely an empty title. In fact, he hardly cared about it too as Axton had been managing it on his behalf single-handedly.


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