The Mans Decree Chapter 1681

Chapter 1681 The Prescription In The Guide
After hearing Fernando’s words, Kai felt that he should start drawing up a plan.

“Mr. Gunderson, I’ll keep your words in mind, and I’ll think about the idea of starting a sect,” he said to Fernando.

“Mr. Chance, the Gunderson family is more than happy to provide anything you need,” Fernando replied.

“All right, I’ll come to you if I need anything. There are other things I need to settle, so I’ll take my leave now.”

Kai then rose to his feet and left with Evangeline.

He was heading to Medicine God Sect, thinking of finding a way to cure Evangeline.

During his journey there, he mulled over Fernando’s words.

The recovery of spiritual energy… The major changes in the situation… The appearance of various reclusive prestigious families…

Kai did not know whether those matters affected him or not, but his main priority at the moment was to heal Evangeline and rescue Josephine.

Upon arriving with Evangeline at Medicine God Sect, he went straight to Axton.

If Medicine God Sect doesn’t have medications capable of curing Evangeline, I’d have to look for other methods, though the alchemy of Medicine God is the best in the entire martial arts world.

“My Lord, she only has one soul and one sense left. How can she be recovered? If she were on the verge of death, she could be treated as long as her souls and senses were intact. But she’s clearly fine if not for the fact that all her souls and senses are gone. I’m afraid pills will not be able to let her recover. Getting her to recover is akin to going to the afterlife to snatch her souls and senses back from the grim reapers. That’s something alchemy can’t do,” Axton said with a troubled expression after checking on Evangeline.

Kai himself was an alchemist, so he knew what Axton was talking about. Nevertheless, he wanted to give it a try. If pills could not help her, he would have no choice but to go to Flaxseed to ask him about charm spells.

“Alas, it looks like I’ll have to think of a different way.” Kai sighed.

“My Lord, don’t you have Holy Guide to Pill Crafting? You can skim through it and see if there’s a way to let her recover,” Axton suggested. “However, if there isn’t anything in the book, I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do.”

“Oh, you’re right. How could I have forgotten about it?” Kai cried out as he smacked his head. He had nearly forgotten about the alchemy book’s existence.

Most importantly, he had made a copy of Holy Guide to Pill Crafting for Medicine God Sect when he obtained the book back then.

At that recollection, Kai hastily asked Axton to bring their copy before skimming through it.

Upon reaching the end of the book, he saw something that caused his eyes to light up.

“Haha! I found it, I found it!” Kai began laughing boisterously.

Hearing his joyous laugh, Axton moved closer to him and spotted the prescription at first glance.

“Sense-gathering pill? There’s such a pill? This is the perfect thing for her!” the elder cried out in surprise.

Kai was all smiles as he hastily said to Axton, “Mr. Knox, please look for the medicinal herbs according to this prescription as quickly as possible!”

“I’ll work on it right now!” The latter nodded and left.

Kai then turned to Evangeline. With a smile on his face, he said, “Evangeline, I’ll cure you in no time.”

With that, the two of them stayed at Medicine God Sect as they waited for Axton to return with the medicinal herbs.

The medicinal herbs required for the sense-gathering pill were rare, so it would take Axton time to gather all of them.

While Kai and Evangeline were waiting for the medicinal herbs at Medicine God Sect, the situation in the martial arts scene of the entire mundane world was quietly changing.

Reclusive families abruptly became high-profile, the rankings of the martial arts world underwent chaotic changes, and the young martial artists sprang up like mushrooms overnight.

Jadeborough, which used to be the capital of the martial arts world, was surpassed by other places in a short period of time.

Moreover, the young fighters of the martial arts families that got back in circulation all of a sudden were all Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

It was a shocking event for the martial arts world.

After all, everyone knew what a Greater Martial Arts Marquis meant.

Why have these families been keeping a low profile when they have Greater Martial Arts Marquis among them? That was the question everyone was thinking about. And now they’re popping up out of nowhere as if they had discussed it beforehand!


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