The Mans Decree Chapter 1682

Chapter 1682 Delegation

Skylar, who was at Warriors Alliance in Jadeborough, had a grim expression on his face.

He had finally become a Greater Martial Arts Marquis with the help of spirits. Given his achievement in cultivation, he assumed that no peers other than Kai would be a match for him anymore.

As long as Kai died, he would be the top fighter among the younger generation of the martial arts world.

Yet, families were popping out of nowhere, and the young members of those families were all Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

It was a blow that Skylar could not accept.

“Why… Why? Where did these people come from?” he roared as he threw things around to vent his fury.

All of a sudden, the hoarse voice of the spirit echoed in Skylar’s mind, “What’s bound to come will come. Did you really think that you were going to stand above them all? What a joke!”

“Sir, what do you mean? Do you mean to tell me that the combined power of the two of us still won’t be sufficient for me to take over the martial arts world?” Skylar asked, furrowing his brows.

The spirit in him was a strange being that had lived for over a thousand years. With someone like that supporting him, he reckoned there should not be a problem for him to take over the martial arts world.

“Haha! How ridiculous! Why would I end up residing in your body if I had that power? I’m just a trivial character, but here you are, having grandiose plans to take over the martial arts world. The prophecy is about to come true. When the time comes, you’ll discover that both of us are only minor characters in the grand scheme of things!”

The spirit laughed loudly, but the melancholy in its laugh was audible.

“Sir, what prophecy? What exactly is going on?” Skylar asked in bafflement.

He had no idea what the spirit was talking about.

Alas, the spirit never said anything else, no matter how he kept asking.

Meanwhile, the changes in the martial arts world also caught the attention of Jadeborough’s Department of Justice.

“Mr. Sanders, there have been many families making themselves known in the martial arts world lately. The rankings and alliances of various places have been shifting rapidly. There’s also one guy named Verner Gingerich who fought seventy-six elite martial artists in three mere days, and he won against them all! If this continues, I’m afraid the martial arts world is going to dissolve into chaos…” Xavier carefully said to Arthur.

“Let them be. The martial arts world won’t be the only one in disorder because true chaos is about to arrive. All we can do is watch as things unfold. I wonder if the catastrophe that happened thousands of years ago will repeat itself.”

Arthur’s eyes were closed, and he looked exhausted.

Xavier’s heart ached when he took in Arthur’s weary expression. He parted his lips, but in the end, he closed them again without saying anything.

“Just speak your mind,” Arthur suddenly piped up, his eyes still closed.

“Mr. Sanders, the Watanabe family of Jetroina has never given up on trying to sneak into our country, though we always thwart their attempts. But this time, Jetroina has issued a démarche, allowing them to come to our country as a delegation. We can’t stop them if this is the case,” Xavier reported.

Hearing that, Arthur drew his brows together. All along, he had been foiling the Watanabe family’s plans of entering the country. Otherwise, their assassins would have tried to assassinate Kai without pause.

It surely was beyond his expectations that the Watanabe family changed their method.

“Since they’re coming in via the official route, we will have to let them in. Still, keep a close eye on them. Also, look into every one of the members of the delegation,” Arthur instructed.

“Understood!” Xavier nodded.

Once he was gone, Arthur opened his eyes to reveal the tired look in them.

“Kai, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help you much from now on. You’ll have to rely on yourself for the rest of the way,” he muttered under his breath.


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