The Mans Decree Chapter 1683

Chapter 1683 Portal Painting

It had been days since Kai started waiting for Axton to return with the medicinal herbs at Medicine God Sect.

Each passing day felt like a year to him.

Fortunately, Lizbeth had left Thousands of Miles Away in Medicine God Sect.

Thus, he could take the opportunity to use Thousands of Miles Away for his cultivation.

Like every other day, Kai unrolled Thousands of Miles Away and let his spiritual sense enter the painting.

Inside the painting, the icy wind howled, but the biting cold of the wind was nothing in comparison to the concentrated spiritual energy in the area.

However, Kai did not dive straight into cultivation the moment he entered the painting.

Frankly, he had only used the painting a handful of times before giving it to Lizbeth and Renee.

Therefore, he did not quite understand how it worked.

Every time he entered, a different scene greeted him. At that, he could not imagine how skillful the creator had to be to have used teleportation magecraft on a painting.

Kai slowly walked down the snowy path and soon realized there was nothing around but snow and more snow.

Right as he was about to stop walking and start cultivating, he spotted smoke rising into the air a short distance away from him.

“Is there someone here?” Kai muttered in surprise. “Is this an actual world?”

He then hastily headed in the direction of the rising smoke. Only when he was much closer did he realize the smoke was steam from a hot spring.

A hot spring in the middle of a snowy land? This is peculiar!

Kai stared at the steaming hot spring for a while. Shortly after, he gave in to the temptation, taking off his clothes and getting into the hot spring.

After all, no one was around. He was in a manmade dimension, so he did not need to fear someone spotting him in that state.

As Kai sat in the hot spring, he felt waves of pure spiritual energy surging into his body.

It thrilled him greatly. Never did he expect the spiritual energy in the hot spring to be far purer than the spiritual energy of the land and the air.

Immediately, Kai closed his eyes and activated his Focus Technique.
The pure spiritual energy began to course through his body.
In no time, his body was enveloped by spiritual energy, and it felt as if he was sitting in clouds. Then, the spiritual energy began rushing toward his elixir field.

The unending streams of spiritual energy kept flowing into his body, and his cultivation gradually grew.

After some time, a series of loud knocks on a door startled Kai. As soon as he opened his eyes, his body vanished from the hot spring.

Following that, the merry voices of two women came closer.

If Kai were still in the hot spring when the two women arrived, he would have been shocked, for the two women were none other than Hailey and Autumn.

The place that Thousands of Miles Away brought Kai to was not a manmade dimension. Instead, it was one of the eight major secret realms, the ever-snowing Secret Realm of Tremere, where the Gate of Thunder and Violet Cloud Palace were located.

The change in scenery in Thousands of Miles Away was actually a change in secret realms.

As each secret realm had a different environment, Kai was greeted with different sights every time he came to cultivate.

The truth was that Thousands of Miles Away was a portal painting of the eight secret realms, but that was something Kai had yet to find out.

“Autumn, do come into the hot spring today. I was the one who caused you to be grievously injured the other time,” Hailey apologetically said to Autumn.

“Stop pulling my leg, Ms. Hargreaves. This hot spring isn’t something we servants can enter,” Autumn replied as she waved her hand. Then, she said, “Ms. Hargreaves, let me take off your clothes for you.”

Right as Hailey took off her clothes and entered the hot spring, she froze and furrowed her brows.

“Ms. Hargreaves, what’s the matter?” Autumn worriedly asked.


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