The Mans Decree Chapter 1685

Chapter 1685 Hiding Behind A Woman

Kai stepped forward and tore the charm off Evangeline’s forehead while retorting, “Zombie puppet? That’s nonsense!”

“Hey! Are you bewitched by this female corpse? Why don’t you trust me? Or is she your type?” Flaxseed scrutinized Kai, finding him strange.

“As if!” The latter rolled his eyes at him, then explained everything to him.

It was only after Flaxseed heard Kai’s explanation did he comprehend the situation. He burst into laughter and exclaimed, “Tell me the truth. Have you taken advantage of her? She doesn’t know any better, so you can do whatever you want with her.”

“I’m not as disgusting as you.” Kai was speechless. It looks like Flaxseed has been spending a lot of time with women during his time in Whitesea. Otherwise, why is he full of dirty thoughts?

Flaxseed responded, “Then why did you bring her here? I must inform you that I am not skilled enough to treat her.”

He assumed that Kai brought Evangeline to have him help cure her condition.

“I don’t need you to treat her condition. I’ve already gotten a prescription for that, but there is one herb I’m missing—Century Eye Herb. I can’t find it anywhere. Do you know where I can get it?” Kai asked.

“Century Eye Herb?” Flaxseed furrowed his brows but quickly perked up. “Oh, I know where to get it!”

“Where?” Kai urged eagerly.

“I can tell you the location, but first, you need to get me a charm spell from Skywrath Sect,” Flaxseed announced smugly.

“F*ck! Don’t you know how dangerous that place is? Are you trying to get me killed?” Kai glared at him.

Flaxseed chuckled and reassured him by saying, “Don’t worry. I won’t let you die. Do you think I’ve just been having a good time? I’ve explored the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect multiple times. We’ll be safe as long as we don’t step through Skywrath Sect’s gate. As for the charm traps inside the tunnel, both of us can handle them!”

Kai was astonished. “How can I get you the charm spell if we don’t go in?”

“Ah, don’t bother about that. Anyhow, it’s not dangerous. As long as you get me the charm spell, I’ll most definitely help you find Century Eye Herb,” Flaxseed promised.

He was keeping Kai in suspense.

The latter stared at him for some time before nodding in agreement.

With a serious countenance, Kai warned, “If you dare to set me up, I’ll make sure you pay for it.”

Flaxseed simply could not hide his delight, smiling as he replied, “Relax! Why would I harm you? I still want to count on you in the future.”

They then headed to Crescent Sect together.

After they passed through the Crescent Sect and arrived at the entrance of Skywrath Sect’s ancient ruins, Kai could not help but get anxious. His heart raced at the sight of the darkness that awaited them.

After all, they barely made it out alive when they first entered the ancient ruins.

“Let’s go. We’ll be fine. I’ve entered this place several times,” Flaxseed urged.

Then, he grabbed Kai’s arm and strode forward.

Upon entering the ancient ruins, Kai carefully hid behind Evangeline as he knew her body was much stronger than his.

When Flaxseed saw how Kai was using a woman as a shield, he mocked, “Kai, since when are you a coward? How could you hide behind a woman? Can you call yourself a man this way?”

“You know nothing! She’s not just any other woman, for her body is tougher than mine.” Kai gave him the side-eye.

“Really?” Flaxseed’s interest in Evangeline was piqued. He reached out, intending to touch her body.

“What are you doing?” Kai immediately slapped his hand away.

Flaxseed chuckled and explained, “I’m just curious how a woman as fair and sweet as her has a strong body.”


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