The Mans Decree Chapter 1687

Chapter 1687 Not An Illusion

Kai soon realized he was in the middle of a dungeon.

“This looks very familiar. Where am I?” he muttered under his breath.

A pucker formed between his eyebrows. At that moment, he felt disoriented, making it hard for him to discern whether he was in a dream or reality.
“Kai? Kai!”

Suddenly, he seemed to hear someone calling his name.

Kai looked over his shoulder. To his surprise, he saw Josephine locked up in a prison cell.

His heart leaped with joy, and he dashed toward her. “Josephine, is that you? Josephine!” he cried out.

Overwhelmed with emotions, Kai held her hands tightly.

“I can’t believe I get to see you again. It feels like a dream!” he said excitedly, gazing at Josephine with a tender expression.

The woman looked at him tearfully. “This isn’t a dream; this is real. I’ve been waiting for you all the while. I missed you so much…”

“Don’t cry. I’ll definitely save you, so don’t worry!” Kai wiped her tears away gently as he gave her his word.

To his surprise, Josephine tried to persuade him to leave. “Kai, you don’t have to save me. I’m satisfied to get to see you one last time. You should leave now!”

“No! I won’t leave. Even if I have to destroy this dungeon, I must save you!” he responded with a look of determination.

A powerful aura burst out of his body, and he started punching the cell before him. I must destroy the cell and save Josephine!

In Flaxseed’s point of view, however, Kai had his hand firmly pressed against the boulder the whole time.

The drastic change in Kai’s expression, as well as the rising intensity of his aura, made Flaxseed nervous.

“Shoot, he’s a lovesick fool!” Flaxseed muttered under his breath, his heart sinking at the gravity of the situation.

Desperate, he reached for a yellow piece of paper, bit his finger, and used his blood to draw something on it while muttering cryptic words.

Soon, a charm was made. He then stuck it on Kai’s forehead.

A beam of red light entered Kai’s mind.

In the dungeon, Kai, who was striking the cell nonstop with his arms, suddenly froze in his tracks.

Staring at Josephine blankly, he stuttered, “Y-You’re not Josephine. You’re not her.”

“Kai, what’s wrong? Why did you say that?” Josephine sobbed.

“No, you’re not her. I’m sure of that.” Kai shut his eyes and began chanting the calming incantation to clear his head.

Yet, even after chanting the calming incantation for a long time, he still saw Josephine in front of him when he opened his eyes. He had not left the dungeon either.

“Huh? Isn’t this an illusion?” Kai’s eyes widened in shock.

“Kai, what are you doing? You’re breaking my heart,” Josephine wailed.

That panicked him greatly.

This isn’t an illusion!

“I’m sorry, Josephine. I really am. Let me save you now,” he cooed.

His palms shone brilliantly as he delivered an attack that crushed the cells into pieces.

Without hesitation, Josephine rushed out and leaped into Kai’s arms.

With open arms, he embraced her. She felt tangible and warm to the touch.
“Kai, don’t leave me again, okay?” Josephine gazed at him lovingly.

“Okay. I will stay by your side forever!” Kai vowed and pecked her on her forehead.

While he was lost in love, Flaxseed was anxious beyond words.

“Oh, what a lovesick fool!” the latter muttered as he paced back and forth restlessly.

In the end, he stuck another charm on Kai’s body. Immediately afterward, his voice sounded in Kai’s mind. “Kai, wake up. Everything is fake. Nothing is real! Did you forget what I said?”

Having recognized Flaxseed’s voice, Kai was stunned.


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