The Mans Decree Chapter 1688

Chapter 1688 Disgusted

“No, this isn’t fake. This isn’t an illusion,” Kai protested, shaking his head.

Flaxseed roared, “Of course, this isn’t an illusion. However, your girlfriend is not real; the charm spirit is pretending to be her. Have you forgotten that this is a Transforming Clone Charm? The charm spirit can take on any form it chooses!”

He wanted Kai to come to the realization that Josephine was someone else in disguise.

“Not real?” Kai pushed Josephine away abruptly.

“Kai?” the woman called out to him with sorrowful eyes.

Her movements and facial expressions were identical to the real Josephine’s.

Furrowing his brows, Kai stared at her intensely. I don’t see anything wrong with her. How could she be fake?

“Kai, what are you doing?” Josephine threw herself into his arms once again.

Kai stood still, for he did not know what to do.

“Check her aura! The charm spirit can change its appearance but not its aura,” Flaxseed reminded him.

At once, Kai released his spiritual sense to envelope Josephine. As expected, her aura was not the one that he was familiar with.

“You’re indeed fake!”

Shocked, Kai immediately throw a punch at her.

Josephine was sent flying backward. Blood spewed from her mouth, and her body crashed to the ground with a loud thud.

“Kai, why? Why did you hurt me?” she wailed, staring at Kai resentfully. The blood trickling down her lips added to her pitiable appearance.

Kai halted in his tracks. He could not tell if she was his real girlfriend or not.

Slowly, Josephine got to her feet. With a pained expression, she approached him. There was even a faint fragrance being emanated from her body.

As soon as Kai caught a whiff of the fragrance, his heart skipped a beat. Instantly, Dragonslayer Sword materialized in his hands, and he thrust it forward, aiming right at her.
“Kai!” Josephine screamed in alarm.

However, the sword in his hand showed no signs of slowing down. As it gleamed, it stabbed her body.

Spots of light appeared on Josephine’s body, and her appearance began to change radically.

The woman, who was initially fair and gorgeous, slowly turned into an unsightly monkey-like creature with fur all over its body.

That sight sickened Kai deeply. The memory of how he had embraced that creature earlier had him trembling with disgust and revulsion.

In the end, the glowing spots disappeared, along with everything in his sight.
It was then Kai was able to see himself standing before the boulder again with his hand pressed on it. The symbols in front of him rose from the surface of the boulder as if they were alive and entered his body.

To his delight, Transforming Clone Charm appeared in his mind immediately.

“I can’t believe that you’re grinning after how you almost met your demise!” Flaxseed exclaimed in anger as he stared at the overjoyed Kai. “I warned you, but you still fell into the trap, you lovesick fool!”

Embarrassed by his scolding, the latter flashed him an awkward grin. “Mr. Flaxseed, the charm spirit was terribly hideous.”

“Why? Were you hoping for it to be a gorgeous woman? If it were pretty, would you still be able to bring yourself to kill it?” Flaxseed teased.

Nodding, Kai smiled. “I will eliminate anyone who stands in my way, no matter how attractive they might be.”
“Whatever.” Flaxseed gave him a dismissive wave. “All right. Teach me the charm spell now!”

“Oh, okay!” Kai stretched his hand out to touch Flaxseed’s head.

Soon, a beam of light appeared, followed by countless symbols that entered Flaxseed’s body.

Flaxseed flushed with excitement. As Kai watched, he recited a spell that caused his body to emit a soft glow and his appearance to change.


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