The Mans Decree Chapter 1691

Chapter 1691 Done For

Kai quickly ran in front of Flaxseed and blocked his path. “Wait up, Mr. Flaxseed! I’ll go down there!”

Flaxseed stopped in his tracks and said, “Don’t blame me if you get burned to a crisp!”

“I won’t!” Kai promised with a determined look in his eyes.

He then activated Golem Body and covered his entire body with shiny, golden scales.

Kai took another glance at the pit, clenched his teeth, and jumped into it.

He was instantly hit by a powerful heat wave that engulfed him completely. In just a matter of seconds, Kai’s entire body was surrounded by flames.

Fortunately, he had Golem Body to keep him protected, so his clothes did not catch on fire.

Even so, the scorching heat seeped into his body. With bloodshot eyes, Kai clenched his jaw and did his best to endure it.

At that very moment, Kai felt like he was inside a gigantic oven.

Although Golem Body was able to keep him and his clothes from being burned, it did nothing to protect him from the intense heat.


Kai could hear a sizzling noise coming from his skin as the smell of burning flesh filled the air.

“What the… I’m not going to be roasted alive, am I?”

The look on Flaxseed’s face turned gloomy when he noticed the smell of burning flesh coming from the pit.

As Kai’s body continued to plummet, he suffered what was probably the worst pain in the world.

He had unleashed the full strength of his spiritual energy and the Power of Dragons, and yet, it was not enough to shield him from the intense heat.

Kai had fallen right into the molten lava.

Realizing that he was starting to sink rapidly, Kai instinctively tried to pull his leg out of the molten lava, but to no avail. As though the molten lava had a powerful suction force, it kept pulling Kai downward with each passing second.

Despair filled Kai’s eyes when the molten lava level reached his chest.

“Okay, I’m done for… I’m definitely done for…”

A myriad of images flashed in Kai’s mind as he thought of his parents, Josephine, and Lizbeth.

He had never once imagined he would die such a horrible death.

At this rate, there won’t even be a body for them to find and bury! What will happen to my soul after this? Will my soul get destroyed too?

Right as Kai was about to be completely submerged in the molten lava, he saw a figure jump into the pit.

Kai felt touched when he saw the flames engulfing the figure.

Thinking it was Flaxseed who jumped into the pit, Kai mumbled, “Mr. Flaxseed… Who would’ve thought you’d risk your life to save mine…”

It wasn’t until the figure landed in front of Kai that he realized it was Evangeline.

She was completely naked as the flames had burned her clothes to ashes.

However, her fair and smooth skin received no damage from the flames and intense heat.

Evangeline stared at Kai in shock after landing in the molten lava.

“Help me, Evangeline! Pull me up!” Kai shouted at the top of his voice.

As though she had understood him, Evangeline quickly reached out and pulled at Kai.

While she was able to stop Kai from sinking any further, she soon found herself starting to sink instead.

All it took was a few seconds for Evangeline to be calf-deep in the molten lava.

Seeing that, Kai quickly let go of her and yelled, “Leave me and get out of here! Hurry!”

This time, however, Evangeline ignored his screams and stared blankly at him with a lifeless look in her eyes.

It wasn’t long before Evangeline, too, would be fully submerged in the molten lava. Kai was panicking like crazy, but there wasn’t anything he could do about it.

Eventually, Kai and Evangeline both vanished beneath the molten lava’s surface.


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