The Mans Decree Chapter 1693

Since Evangeline had regained her senses, it was only natural for her to feel embarrassed about her naked body. It wasn’t until she put on his shirt that she calmed down a little.

“Evangeline, do you not remember anything about me?” Kai asked. As Evangeline shifted her gaze between him and the skeletal remains, her eyes teared up all of a sudden. Kai was utterly puzzled by her response. What’s going on with her?

As he stared at Evangeline in confusion, a spiritual sense enveloped her body all of a sudden. The look on Kai’s face changed instantly. “Who are you?”

Evangeline seemed to have calmed down as she stared at Kai and replied, “I’m not your friend. I’m just borrowing her body for a bit. I didn’t think anyone would show up here after a few thousand years, I suppose this is fate. Who would’ve thought someone with an incomplete soul would come here? I wouldn’t have come back to life otherwise. Yes, this is definitely fate!”

What is she rambling about?

He assumed that Evangeline had regained her senses, but it turned out that another spirit had occupied her body instead. Kai’s frown deepened as he wondered how he would explain things to Chester.

“I don’t care who you are, but you need to leave my friend’s body right now! Get out, or I’ll force you out!” Kai threatened.

The spirit in Evangeline’s body burst out laughing. “Hahaha! And how would you do that, huh? Are you going to kill me? Keep in mind that this is your friend’s body here. If you kill me, it’s your friend who’ll die!”

Kai paused for a moment before saying, “Oh, I have my ways! If I have to force you out, I’ll make sure to destroy your soul for good! I suggest you come out on your own while you still can!”

“Yeah? Well, I think you’re bluffing!” the spirit taunted him. “All right, then. You brought this upon yourself!”

Those words had barely left Kai’s mouth when he enveloped Evangeline’s body with his golden glow. He then placed his palm on the top of Evangeline’s head and channeled Focus Technique.

Evangeline’s expression turned incredibly vicious in an instant, and there was a clear look of fear in her eyes.

She then burst out crying and begged for mercy, “No, please! Spare me! I’ll leave your friend alone as long as you get me out of here! I’m only borrowing your friend’s body because her soul is currently incomplete! I mean her no harm! Please, I’m begging you!”

Kai pulled his hand back and asked, “Tell me who you are. Also, why are you here?”

With tears still flowing down her cheeks, the spirit inhabiting Evangeline’s body began telling. Kai all about herself.

Kai grew furious after hearing her full story. Apparently, the spirit belonged to a holy maiden of Lunarius Palace.

A few thousand years ago, Lunarius Palace came under attack from the demon race. Being the holy maiden of Lunarius Palace, she was escorting the palace’s sacred relic-the Fire Immunity Pearl-to safety.

Unfortunately for her, the demons managed to catch up to her and had her cornered. In a desperate attempt to protect the sacred relic, the holy maiden swallowed it whole.

Infuriated, the demons put her inside a coffin and sealed it deep within the volcano. As the holy maiden had the protection of the Fire Immunity Pearl, her soul remained in the coffin even though her body had decayed thousands of years ago.

However, her soul was getting weaker and weaker over time. Had Evangeline’s soul been complete, the holy maiden wouldn’t have been able to enter her body.

“It looks like this truly is fate, huh…” Kai exclaimed with a sigh. After all, not many people out there had incomplete souls like Evangeline did.

“Since you’ve had a rough life, I’ll let you borrow my friend’s body for a little while longer. You’ll have to leave once I help her recover her soul, though. Of course, I’ll try my best to find you a new body along the way,” Kai said.


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