The Mans Decree Chapter 1695

“Have you lost your mind, Kai? She didn’t return to normal! She has been possessed by another spirit!” Flaxseed shouted angrily. “I know that, Mr. Flaxseed. Look, I can explain…”

Kai then gave Flaxseed a quick explanation of what had happened earlier. Evangeline’s eyes were teary as she stood there.

I never intended to use someone else’s body like this because it’s unfair to the person. However, I don’t exactly have a choice in this situation. It was either entering Evangeline’s body or having my soul fade into nothingness.

Shock filled Flaxseed’s face after he heard Kai’s explanation.

“A holy maiden of Lunarius Palace? That’s a super powerful clan that existed thousands of years ago! From what I’ve heard, Lunarius Palace was destroyed after the Celestial Battle, but most of its people survived. The Lunarius Palace clan must still exist somewhere out there.”

“Do you know where Lunarius Palace is, Mr. Flaxseed? Evangeline asked anxiously as she ran toward Flaxseed and got ready to kneel before him.

“Whoa, there’s no need for you to kneel! I’ve only heard rumors about Lunarius Palace, so I’m not too sure if it even exists!” Flaxseed said while holding Evangeline up to stop her from kneeling.

Evangeline had a disappointed look on her face when she heard that. Rumble…

The ground shook beneath their feet as a loud rumbling noise echoed throughout the island.

“Oh no! The volcano is about to erupt! We need to leave now!” Flaxseed yelled with panic in his eyes as he turned around and made a beeline for the ocean.

Kai, too, grabbed Evangeline’s hand and carried her across the ocean surface. While the three of them headed for land at high speed, they saw the volcano spraying molten lava

dozens of meters into the sky

As the molten lava came raining down into the ocean, it produced a lot of steam that fogged up the surrounding area.

“Let’s head back,” Kai said as he glanced at the island that was now engulfed in molten lava.

Flaxseed shook his head. “You two go on ahead. I need to make a trip to Whitesea. Skywrath Sect’s secret realm is being guarded by a bunch of Demonic Cultivators, and I don’t really trust them.”

He wasn’t planning on going with Kai. Kai shot him a glance and asked, “You’re just missing the women from the Simmons family, aren’t you?”

“Nonsense! Us spiritual energy cultivators need to get rid of our lust and desires! It’ll take way more than a few women to tempt me!” Flaxseed replied with a serious look on his face.

“As expected of Mr. Flaxseed! Most spiritual energy cultivators are unable to become immortals because they’re bound by their desires,” Evangeline said while staring at Flaxseed in admiration.

Being a holy maiden of Lunarius Palace, she had been a spiritual energy cultivator thousands of years ago. Therefore, she was the one with the greatest amount of knowledge on spiritual energy cultivation.

Flaxseed got all smug after hearing her compliment. That’s right! I’ve long since overcome my worldly desires! No one could possibly distract me from the path of spiritual energy cultivation!”

Kai covered his mouth and snickered when he heard that. Flaxseed shot him a fierce glare. “What are you laughing at? Did I say something wrong?”

Kai shook his head. “No, Mr. Flaxseed. You’re not wrong at all. I’m sure you wouldn’t even look if a naked woman were to present herself before you right now!”

Flaxseed nodded. “You got that right!”

Kai then tugged at the shirt Evangeline was wearing, causing it to slide right off her shoulders. Realizing that her fair and smooth skin was exposed to the world, Evangeline quickly grabbed the shirt and wrapped herself up with it.


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