The Mans Decree Chapter 1697

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1697
A Man Like None Other Novel
After all, most people who owned two companies would have the two help each other out. Most of the other sects congratulated Kai on establishing his new sect after hearing about it.

The Bailey family, the Dunn family, the Gunderson family, Shadow Estate, and Village of Villains all gave him their blessings.

Leviathan and The Villainous Four had wanted to join Deragon Sect, but Kai denied their applications.

They were from the Dragon Sect which Kai owned, but it wasn’t the same as Kai hadn’t established that sect himself.

It was true that Kai’s father had established Dragon Sect to provide Kai with a powerful sect at his disposal, but Kai didn’t want to depend on it.

Kai preferred to achieve success through his own efforts. He hoped that he would be able to make his father proud with his achievements if he were to meet him someday.

Because his identity as the overlord of Dragon Sect was kept a secret, Kai would be able to use it as his trump card if necessary.

The next day, Arthur was seated in the lobby of Jadeborough’s Department of Justice very early in the morning.

“What brings you here so early, Mr. Sanders?” Xavier asked. “Oh, I’m waiting for someone!” Arthur replied with a smile.

“Are you waiting for Kai?” Xavier asked. Arthur nodded. “Yup!”

“ Kai sure is taking things to a whole new level! I can’t believe he’s establishing a sect of his own! I think it was called Deragon Sect or something. Word about it spread like wildfire on the martial arts forum yesterday. Thousands of people have applied online to join it. Who knows, Kai might just end up with the largest sect in Jadeborough!” Xavier exclaimed.

“We should always try to support the young and ambitious, but to lead a sect takes more than just personal strength. One would also need to strengthen the entire sect as a whole.”

Arthur knew that being a powerful fighter was very different from being a great leader.

“By the way, how are things with the delegation from Jetroina?” he asked Xavier.

“They have already arrived at the port and will be reaching Jadeborough in two days,” Xavier replied.

“Good. Make sure to keep a close eye on them. Do not let any of them out of your sight until they enter Jadeborough!” Arthur ordered.

Xavier nodded. “Understood!”

Their conversation was interrupted when Theodore came in and said, “Mr. Sanders, Mr. Chance has arrived.”

“All right. Send him in!” Arthur replied with a nod.

Theodore went back outside to let Kai in.

Despite being the general of the Department of Justice, Theodore had turned into an errand boy ever since Arthur decided to work there.

“Greetings, Mr. Sanders,” Kai said respectfully when he entered the lobby and saw Arthur.

“Why are you being so polite? Did you need something from me?” Arthur replied with a smile.

Chuckling, Kai nodded and said, “Yes, I’m planning to establish a sect. In order to do that, I need to register it with you, Mr. Sanders.”

Arthur turned toward Xavier and ordered, “Xavier, get him the documents.” He then shifted his gaze back toward Kai as he continued, “After we take care of the paperwork, I want you to go ahead and give it your best. However, do keep in mind that leading a sect is much harder than you might think.”

“Thanks for the reminder, Mr. Sanders However, I’m confident that I can make this work.”

Kai was confident in his ability to lead the Deragon Sect to glory. Xavier then handed Kai the documents so he could get the registration procedures over with. After that, Kai went straight back to the Deragon residence:

As he would be establishing Deragon Sect from scratch, there was a lot of work that he needed to get done.

Having gotten the paperwork out of the way, Deragon Sect was ready to officially start its recruitment process. There were so many people trying to get in that they nearly broke the sect’s front door.

Godrick and a group of men started filtering the applicants. Those who had done bad deeds. were instantly rejected regardless of how powerful they were.


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