The Mans Decree Chapter 1700

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1700
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Mr. Gunderson, based on what I know, there will be a huge group of representatives from prestigious families coming to Jadeborough during these two days,” informed Verner.

Fernando was puzzled. “Jadeborough? Why are they coming to Jadeborough? Are they trying to get the government’s attention?” Shaking his head, Verner answered, “Their motive is the same as mine. We want to overtake someone’s position.”

Fernando could barely believe his ears. They’re all powerful people. Do they really need to overtake anyone? “Ah, I know what you’re talking about. Kai’s

sect-Deragon Sect-is having its opening ceremony in two days. You guys are trying to overtake Kai, aren’t you?” Astrid questioned.

Verner nodded in response. “Currently, Kai is the most popular person in the Jadeborough martial arts world. Hence, everyone wants to take his place.”

“So, you’ve come to Jadeborough to overtake him?” Astrid’s brows were knitted into a tight frown, and her expression had turned grim.

Oblivious to Astrid’s displeasure, Verner nodded and said, “Of course. A person’s reputation in Jadeborough’s martial arts world would skyrocket as long as he or she defeats Kai. It’s very important to a family’s development”

“Hmph! Whoever dares to overtake Kai will be making an enemy out of the Gunderson family. We’ll never stand idly by,” Astrid said sternly

For a moment, Verner was stunned before he turned to look at Fernando. “Mr. Gunderson, what does Ms. Gunderson mean by that? Does your family have some kind of relationship with Kai?”

Of course, Fernando would never reveal the fact that Kai was the overlord of Dragon Sect, which the Gunderson family was a part of.

Thus, he explained, “Well, she and Kai are friends. In fact, we might become a family in the future. Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Verner listened intently and finally came to a realization. “I see. Now that you’ve said that, it makes me want to see Kai sooner. I want to know what makes him so attractive that even a beauty like Ms. Gunderson would fall for him.”

“Tm warning you. If you dare lay a finger on Kai, you’ll be a mortal enemy of my family. You’d better think carefully,” Astrid hissed while glaring at Verner.

I mean it. Whoever messes with Kai will be the Gunderson family’s enemy!

Upon hearing her words, Verner frowned. He then glanced at Fernando for confirmation. The Gunderson family and The Adamantine have collaborated before in the secret realm. Are they really going to have a falling out with us over Kai?

To his surprise, Fernando nodded. “She’s right. Whoever messes with Kai will be making an enemy out of my family.”

“Mr. Gunderson, is Kai really worth having your family make such a decision? Besides, your family is currently collaborating with The Adamantine. Can you speak on behalf of the Great Elder?”

Verner did not believe the Gunderson family would really become enemies with The Adamantine just because of Kai.

So what if Kai is Astrid’s boyfriend? Fernando and his family don’t have a significant place in the Gunderson family. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be sent to the mundane world as a representative.

“Listen here. Whatever I say is exactly what the Great Elder will say, too. If you really mess with Mr. Chance, I’m sure the Great Elder will not only end the collaboration, but he will also do anything to make The Adamantine pay the price,” Fernando warned seriously.

Verner studied Fernando’s expression and realized the latter did not seem to be joking. At that, the former smiled and said, “Why would I mess with Kai when there isn’t any bad blood between us? It’s just a normal spar to learn from each other. Surely you’ll allow that?”

Since Verner had said so, there was nothing Fernando could say to rebut. It did not make sense if he stopped Verner from sparring to learn from another person.

After all, such an action was extremely common in the martial arts world. “That’s fine, but keep in mind that there’s a limit. If you dare plot something, you’ll regret it,” threatened Fernando.

Verner hurriedly assured, “I won’t. Since Kai’s partially a member of the Gunderson family, then The Adamantine will be on his side, too. How could I possibly plot something?”


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