The Mans Decree Chapter 1705

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1705
A Man Like None Other Novel
“ Kai, congratulations, congratulations!” At the sight of Kai emerging with Astrid, Verner greeted him with a smile. “Thank you, thank you.” Kai was visibly awkward as he stared at Verner since he hadn’t a clue who the latter was.

“He is Verner of the Gingerich family,” Astrid explained. Realizing who it was, Kai quickly replied, “Welcome, Verner. Your reputation precedes you.”

“Haha, Kai, you flatter me. You’re the one whose fame extends throughout the martial arts world now.”

After letting out a cordial chuckle, he pointed to the group behind him and said, “ Kai, let me introduce you. This is Marcelo from the Garcia family from the southwest. This is Royler of the Gracie family from the northeast, and this is Jose of the Danaher family from the east. All of us admire you greatly and have traveled all this way to pay our respects.”

As Verner introduced the others, Kai greeted them cordially one by one. However, their response was lukewarm. They acknowledged his greeting with only a slight nod before entering the building.

Nonetheless, Kai didn’t hold it against them. After ordering his subordinates to entertain them, he continued receiving the other guests at the door.

“ Kai, you must be careful. They intend to make a name for themselves by beating you,” Fernando reminded.

“It’s fine. They’re all at the level of a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. I’m not afraid of them challenging me. As to whether they can beat me, it’s still too early to say,” Kai replied with a faint smile.

“I like how confident you always are. Don’t worry. The Gunderson family will always have your back. We’re one family, after all,” Astrid commented eagerly.

Not knowing what else to say, Kai eked out a helpless grin. It was then that the voice outside shouted, “Cecilia Jingle of the Crimson Palace…”

The sound of the name caused Kai to jerk because Cecelia’s arrival was unexpected. Sensing Kai’s awkward reaction, Astrid teased, “Has your gallivanting days finally caught up with you?”

“Stop that nonsense.” Kai shot Astrid a glare before hurrying out to welcome his guest.

He was greeted by the sight of Cecilia wearing a white full-length dress. Exuding an air of feminine exuberance, she sauntered in with Millie and a group of Crimson Palace attendants behind her.

The sudden appearance of such a stunning beauty drew the attention of many guests who, in turn, trained their gazes on her.

“Ms. Jingle, imagine my surprise to see you here.” As Kai approached, he stared at her with a conflicted look on his face.

“Mr. Chance, of course I must be here to congratulate you on such a big day.” Despite the plain smile Cecilia responded with, it was bursting with her affection for him.

“Please come in.” Kai had difficulty finding a topic to converse about as a long time had passed since both of them saw each other. “That’s right. Please come in.”

At that moment, Astrid came forward to gently hold Cecilia’s arm as she spoke. Briefly stunned, Cecilia turned toward Kai, expecting an introduction.

However, Astrid preempted any response Kai had. “Miss, I’m Astrid Gunderson, Kai’s girlfriend.”

The moment she heard the words “ Kai’s girlfriend,” Cecilia replied with a slight grin, “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Astrid. I’m Cecilia Jingle, a friend of Mr. Chance’s.”

“I know. Kai mentions you frequently. What’s this talk about just being friends? Who knows, we might all become family one day. Anyway, come with me. I hope you can give me some tips as to how you managed to maintain your complexion and figure so well.”

Astrid, with her congenial personality, made Cecilia blush at the mention of them being a family. Cecilia naturally took a liking to her right away.


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