The Mans Decree Chapter 1704

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1704
A Man Like None Other Novel
The next day, all eyes within the martial arts world lay upon the Deragon family, for they would be known as the Deragon Sect going forward.

They were able to recruit more disciples by redesignating themselves from a family to a sect. Godrick, being the competent hand that he was, decorated the venue extravagantly and even gathered together thousands of new disciples.

His goal was to exhibit the Deragon Sect’s power in front of all the prestigious families. “ Kai, since today is Deragon Sect’s founding day. I have a present for you,” Godrick suggested mysteriously.

“What is it?” Kai inquired in surprise. “Come with me. You’ll find out soon enough.”

Godrick led Kai to a plaza that was built solely for the founding of Deragon Sect. There, a towering statue loomed over the venue.

At his cue, the piece of red cloth covering it was gradually pulled down. Kai was subsequently stunned to see what was revealed a statue of himself!

The statue was so life-like that it was the mirror image of Kai. “Since when did you start working on this?” the puzzled Kai asked.

“A long time ago in order to give you a surprise, Godrick replied with a smile. Reciprocating with a grin of his own, Kai patted Godrick on the shoulder. “I appreciate it.”

Kai was of the opinion that Godrick was really smart. It was just that his talents were previously suffocated by the amount of pressure Ryker applied on him.

As noon approached, many guests arrived, bearing gifts and well wishes.

Kai received all of them with a humble disposition. Within just the span of half an hour, more than ten sects had arrived to congratulate Kai.

The grandeur of the event was unprecedented for the other prestigious families. “The head of the Gunderson family has arrived!”

No sooner had the words rang out outside the door than Kai rushed out to welcome his guests. “Mr. Gunderson,” Kai greeted respectfully. “Mr. Chance, congratulations!”

Fernando handed over the gift he brought.

“Mr. Gunderson, this way please.” Kai made way for Fernando. At that moment, Astrid interjected, “ Kai, now that my dad has given you his present, I have one for you too.”

With a wave of her hand, a truck arrived at the scene. It was filled with resources for cultivation and plenty of aged medicinal herbs.

The sight stunned Kai. Who in the world gives gifts this way?

The look on his face elicited a smile from Fernando. “Mr. Chance, it looks like Astrid has emptied the Gunderson family’s storehouse.”

Kai responded with a wry smile. “Ms. Gunderson, you shouldn’t have. Please, come this way.”

“I’m not trying to be polite. This is nothing more than me moving house. After all, it’s just a matter of time before I move in with you here!” Astrid declared unabashedly, rendering Kai speechless.

Fortunately, the doorman outside cried out again. “Verner of the Gingerich family from the northwest…”

“Marcelo of the Garcia family from the southwest…”

“Royler of the Gracie family from the northeast…”

“Jose of the Danaher family from the east…

The sound of the names shocked Kai and all the other guests, for they belonged to the prestigious families that had recently emerged. Every single one of them was unbelievably powerful.

Verner, in particular, had defeated tens of foes in a single breath, becoming an overnight sensation. Kai, too, was baffled by their sudden appearance, as he didn’t have any relationship with them.

“Mr. Chance, they don’t seem to have come with good intentions. You have to be careful,” Fernando whispered.

Kai instantly understood what was going on. Thus, he nodded in acknowledgment before heading out to receive them.

It would be rude not to welcome his guests, after all. At the same time, Astrid followed behind Kai as he went out.


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