The Mans Decree Chapter 1712

He looked like a speeding car getting stopped in an instant. Jun was taken aback for a moment. Immediately after that, his eyes were filled with disbelief when he saw Kai grabbing the katana directly with his right hand, and Kai was even gripping the blade itself.

“T-This…” Jun simply could not believe the scene before

his eyes. Marcelo, who was standing at the side, was astonished to the core. Jun’s katana splintered his Nine-section Whip, yet it didn’t hurt Kai’s

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hand one bit. Just how strong is Kai’s physical body? “You used up your three moves…”

After Kai spoke, he applied some strength, and Jun’s katana instantly broke. Jun was floored.

Before Jun snapped back to his senses, Kai raised his leg and threw a fierce kick at Jun’s chest, sending Jun flying more than ten meters away before plummeting to the ground and spewing a mouthful of blood from his mouth..

Seeing that, everyone wore a complex expression as inexplicable feelings surged. within them, especially Marcelo.

After all, he was the one who vowed to challenge and defeat Kai just now, and now, Kai took Jun down almost instantly.

It was clear as day that Marcelo’s strength was still far inferior to Kai’s.

I don’t get it. Kai is not stronger than me, but whenever we’re in a real battle, he can easily take on someone more powerful.

They would never know what the Golden Dragon’s True Form represented. It was the strongest physical body in the world.

Jun wanted to get to his feet but found that Kai’s kick almost shattered his internal organs, and he was still spewing blood out of his mouth.

Kai stepped forward and stomped on Jun’s head so that the latter’s face was stuck to the ground.

Jun struggled to break free but to no avail.

Humiliation surged within him as his expression darkened..

Kai looked at Jun from above and said coldly, “Doesn’t the Watanabe family have anyone

better? Why did they send a piece of trash like you to me?”

Jun continued to struggle with his eyes full of anger. “ Kai Chance, I dare you to let me get up now. If you let me get up, I’ll definitely finish you off…”

Jun was still taunting at that moment. “You want to stand up, huh? Address me properly, and I’ll grant your wish…” Kai sneered.

Jun almost passed out from infuriation, but Kai still had his foot on his head, so Jun couldn’t move at all. “You’re a shame to Jetroina…”

As the deep voice sounded, Kazuo walked in with two other emissaries.

Kai looked at the three of them and found that they didn’t have any special aura. These three Jetroinians are just ordinary people. Why do they dare to come to me?

“Mr. Kawaguchi, save me…” Jun immediately called when he saw Kazuo coming.

Kazuo didn’t spare a glance at Jun. Instead, he was looking at Kai with a smile. “Are you Kai Chance? We are emissaries sent to your

country. Jun is one of us, so you can’t kill him…”

Seeing Kazuo’s attitude, Kai scoffed, “Your man can kill others at will, yet I can’t kill him? Do you think this is your house? He must die today. He needs to pay for what he’s done with his life!”

He didn’t understand why an ordinary guy like Kazuo had the guts to speak so brazenly. Could it be because of his status as an emissary?

“I said, you can’t kill him…” Kazuo narrowed his eyes as his smile faded. “Who do you think you are? You can’t tell me what to do. I will kill him, and let’s see if you can stop me…”

As Kai said that, he raised his foot and was ready to slam it down.


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