The Mans Decree Chapter 1714

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1714
A Man Like None Other Novel
The giant turtle poked its head out of its shell and, with every breath, exuded such a terrifying force that it pressed down on Kai and the others.

“Kai! That is the ancient spell, Esiotrotus. Hurry up and stop him! You must not let him finish channeling it,” Evangeline screamed at him after catching sight of the giant turtle in midair.

Evangeline’s cry of warning attracted Kazuo’s attention at once, who glared at her. His eyes were filled with surprise. Not many people would recognize the ancient art of Esiotrotus, let alone a young girl!

However, Kazuo was unaware that a holy maiden several thousand years old resided within Evangeline. She would naturally recognize such ancient techniques.

“Hah, a turtle! You’re all cowardly sons of a b*tch, aren’t you?” With a roar, Kai’s body rose to meet his opponent’s and swung his golden fists fiercely. toward the fully-formed turtle.

Jun did not panic in the slightest at Kai’s impending assault. Instead, he waved his palms in between the turtle’s breaths to form a shield before him.

A cold smile spread across Jun’s lips. “When Esiotrotus finishes channeling, none of you will leave this place alive.”

In his speed, Kai seemed to have materialized before his opponent. His golden fists glowed with blinding light, and a dragon of the same color emerged from his body with a roar and broke through the shield in the blink of an eye as if it was made of smoke.

“How could this happen?” Jun’s smug expression changed into utter shock. Even Kazuo was frowning. “I’ll show you how the son of a dragon is to teach you sons of a b*tch a lesson.”

With a cold scoff, Kai’s aura within him exploded forth toward his opponent.

Forced backward, Jun landed squarely on his feet upon the turtle’s back. Murmuring under his breath, he swiped the air gently with his fingers when the turtle paused to draw breath, and a blinding white light illuminated the scene.

“Kamehameha!” Jun roared and sent the blinding white light toward Kai. Kai was about to dodge, but the white light suddenly turned into a vast net and, before he could react, ensnared him.

Kai was trapped in a flash. Without hesitation, Jun waved his hand, and a katana the color of blood appeared in it. Immediately after, the sword was brought down with a mighty swing at the now-trapped Kai.

The earth shook that instant, and a defeating hum reverberated through the air. That swipe nearly altered the very laws of nature. “Kai!” The crowd could not refrain from a shudder on his behalf.

Kai, on the other hand, kept his composure. With a wave of his right hand, Dragonslayer Sword appeared, emitting a dark glow.

A chorus of dragon roars filled the skies when he channeled Power of Dragons into Dragonslayer Sword.

“Break!” With a swing of Dragonslayer Sword in his hand, the net that held Kai captive vanished instantly. Immediately after, the sword energy from the weapons of both combatants collided in a blinding flash.

Jun glared at his opponent. “For your information, nobody has ever broken free of Esiotrotus.”

The light dissipated as soon as Jun spoke, though the energy from Kai’s sword did not wane in the slightest. The earlier collision had failed to weaken the energy in Kai’s blade.

Jun’s eyes bulged, thunderstruck. “How could this be?” he exclaimed as he retreated hastily alongside the turtle.

Whoosh! Jun did not retreat fast enough. Dragonslayer Sword, swift and deadly in its finesse, slashed across the turtle’s neck. The crowd gaped in shock as they witnessed the turtle dissipate into a wisp of smoke alongside its disembodied head.

Jun fell heavily to the ground. His aura was noticeably weakened.


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