The Mans Decree Chapter 1720

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1720
A Man Like None Other Novel
A black sedan sped along a deserted road in Chanaea, carrying Kazuo and two other emissaries. They should have been on a plane home by that time.

The emissaries had no reason to stay since Kai had already killed Jun. However, after buying their plane tickets, they forfeited their seats and remained in Chanaea.

One of the emissaries asked, “Where are we going, Mr. Kawaguchi?” Kazuo’s gaze grew hooded as he replied, “Keep driving. Stop asking questions.”

The emissary was frightened into silence and continued driving as instructed. The car only pulled to a stop when the road ended at an abandoned area.

Kazuo alighted from the car and stared at the mighty mountain ahead. He smiled as his gaze landed upon a primeval forest at the foot of the mountain.

“More than twenty years have passed. I never thought I would have a chance to return…”

After muttering those cryptic words, Kazuo darted into the primeval forest, followed closely by the two emissaries accompanying him.

After walking for over half an hour, Kazuo abruptly stopped and waved his palm. Two shadowy figures suddenly materialized in the space before him, and they charged at Kazuo, clearly armed with weapons.

Kazuo easily grabbed the weapons and threw them on the floor. The two figures stiffened in surprise. After exchanging knowing looks, they suddenly disappeared into thin air.

With another wave of Kazuo’s hand, the two figures promptly reappeared. “You’re all a bunch of id*ots. The checkpoints haven’t changed at all in twenty years!” bellowed Kazuo furiously.

Right after Kazuo spoke, the two figures began to take on definition. They wore black samurai uniforms and held katanas. Confusion was palpable in their features as they looked at Kazuo and the emissaries.

The two emissaries behind Kazuo stared wide- eyed at the scene. They never imagined Jetroinian samurais would appear in Chanaea.

“Who are you?” asked one of the samurais. Coldly, Kazuo fired back, “Ask Ono Jiro to meet me. That id*ot…”

The two samurais were clearly stunned by his words. One of them whirled around and dashed off.

Soon after, he returned hastily with a middle- aged man.

When the middle-aged man saw Kazuo, he froze in shock before stepping forward to greet him, “Welcome, Mr. Kawaguchi. Why did you suddenly visit us? Has there been any new orders from the headquarters?”

Without a single word, Kazuo strode forward and slapped Ono twice across the face. Ono dared not utter a word of protest and instead willingly accepted his fate.

Meanwhile, Kazuo berated the man, “How can you be so stupid? You never changed the checkpoints at all! And how could you send such lousy samurais to stand guard? Has your skull gone numb?”

“Mr. Kawaguchi, this place hasn’t been discovered in years. No one ever comes here,” explained Ono. “Stupid! You think you can drop your guard just because no one has discovered this place?”

Kazuo slapped Ono several more times. Ono’s face swelled furiously, and he dared not say anything more lest he agitated Kazuo again.

A short while later, he led Kazuo and the emissaries into a massive cave. It was well- equipped with all the basic necessities.

The cave was inhabited exclusively by Jetroinian samurais, each of whom exuded a remarkable aura. The emissaries gaped at everything in the cave.

They came to a room, where Kazuo waved his hand and announced, “Leave us now!” The emissaries left, leaving Ono alone in the room with Kazuo.

Ono hurriedly asked, “So, are there new orders from headquarters, Mr. Kawaguchi? We are dying from boredom, trapped in this place for years…”


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