The Mans Decree Chapter 1722

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1722
A Man Like None Other Novel
Godrick led the rest of Deragon Sect away Instead of resting, Kai used his blood to create pills that would free one from the shackles of the mundane world once one consumed it.

Nearing midnight, Norm sought Kai and led him behind the palace. The land behind the palace was still a pile of rubble like before. Kai stared at the mess as memories of his old battles resurfaced in his mind.

The blood demon statue lay on the ground, devoid of its former might. Soon enough, the clock struck midnight. The statue began emitting a faint glow, and drops of dew seeped onto its surface.

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Kai stepped forward and touched the statue. A dew drop was instantly absorbed into his body, followed by a refreshing sensation, which he found immensely comforting.

He explained to Norm, “These dew drops are bursting with spiritual energy so don’t waste them. Send some men to collect them!”

Though Kai did not know the reason behind this phenomenon, he knew without a doubt that the dew drops were rich in spiritual energy.

Over the next few days, Godrick showed his men around Encanta Island, which went a long way in helping them to relax. Kai busied himself creating pills and

eventually produced a batch of blood-red pills containing his own blood. Then, he gathered Godrick and the others, instructing them to consume the pills.

The crimson color and bloody stench of the pills were repulsive, to say the least. Still, no one dared to disobey Kai’s instructions, and they dutifully swallowed the pills.

Warmth coursed through their bodies almost instantly. They could feel some changes in their meridians and even their blood.

Then, Kai’s spiritual sense took over the men’s consciences, and he began imparting new techniques into their minds.

He declared to the crowd, “From now on, you must forget the cultivation techniques of your past and focus on practicing these new techniques. Feel free to ask me for help if you have any difficulties.”

“Yes, Mr. Chance!”

Their excitement was palpable as they headed off to cultivate under Kai’s instructions.

While they were cultivating, Kai spent most of his time absorbing the spiritual energy from the blood demon statue.

The statue seemed to release spiritual energy every night which condensed into dew drops. Kai had Norm collect all the dew drops for Godrick and his men.

And so they repeated this schedule during their stay on Encanta Island. Though Kai was away from Jadeborough, the martial arts world remained peaceful. No one tried to stir up trouble with Deragon Sect.

Lizbeth and the other young women had a smashing time at Crimson Palace.

They got along well and passed each day with joy and laughter. Their favorite moment of the day was listening to Evangeline’s bizarre stories of the past.

Little did they know that Evangeline was recounting her personal experience instead of passing on rumors she had heard. One day, the women gathered as usual for lunch.

Renee’s gaze swept over the group. When she noticed that Evangeline was missing, she asked, “Where’s Evangeline? I’m still waiting for her story on immortals…”

“Perhaps she’s busy. Let’s not wait for her. She’s quite mysterious sometimes, don’t you think?” replied Lizbeth. Everyone shrugged off Evangeline’s absence and dug into lunch.

They were blissfully unaware that Evangeline was in a car speeding away from Jadeborough. Her eyes were shut, and she looked pallid. The driver of the car was none other than Kazuo.

He drove for hours and only came to a stop around midnight. Then, he pulled Evangeline out of the car and dragged her into a dense forest.

Evangeline had woken up by then. She did not. panic after seeing Kazuo. Meanwhile, Kazuo heaved a sigh of relief once he led Evangeline all the way to the secret samurai base.


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