The Mans Decree Chapter 1723

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1723
A Man Like None Other Novel
Ono spotted Kazuo’s return and asked hastily, “Mr. Kawaguchi, where should we house this woman?” Kazuo replied, “Da*n it. This woman is incredibly powerful. Lock her in the Category A prison cell!”

Ono nodded and summoned some men to bring Evangeline to the prison cells. In the meantime, Kazuo whipped off his shirt, revealing a ghastly wound across his shoulder. He stared at the wound, his gaze brimming with ferocity.

After cleaning up the wound, Kazuo headed to the prison cells. When he arrived, he waved Ono and the others away, announcing, “Everyone, get out. I have something to say to her!”

Kazuo came to a stop before Evangeline’s jail cell, which was shrouded in an arcane array designed to suppress the abilities of its prisoner. Still, Evangeline did not display the slightest hint of panic as she came face-to-face with Kazuo.

“Who are you? Why do you know secret witchcraft from thousands of years ago? Did you reincarnate in a new body? Or are you possessed by an ancient spirit?” demanded Kazuo.

Disdain flitted across Evangeline’s features as she returned, “I won’t tell you who I am. You can investigate my background if you want to know more!”

Kazuo narrowed his eyes dangerously just as a cloud of spiritual sense enveloped Evangeline.

Just as the spiritual sense darted into Evangeline’s body, it was immediately shattered by some force within her body. Stunned, Kazuo jumped backward and stammered, “W-Why isn’t your ability suppressed?”

Evangeline smirked and drawled, “These little tricks can hardly affect me.”

Her body housed the soul of the holy maiden from Lunarius Palace thousands of years ago. Kazuo’s attempt to infiltrate Evangeline’s body with his spiritual sense was practically a joke.

The holy maiden’s ability was halved under the repression of the energy of heaven and earth. That was the only reason Kazuo succeeded in catching Evangeline.

Still, she was not frightened. Even if Kazuo caught her, he would certainly have a tough time trying to kill her. Kazuo glared at Evangeline for a moment longer before turning away in resignation.

He reminded Ono, “Keep a close eye on her. Do not let her escape. And no one is allowed near her. If anyone’s stupid enough to disobey my orders, they’ll have it coming.”

Kazuo planned to return to Jetroina and seek out a Soul Searching Master. His interaction with Evangeline gave him clues about the presence of a powerful spirit within her body.

The spirit had likely been around for thousands of years. He was no match for such a powerful” entity and would need all the help he could get.

Soon, Kazuo left Chanaea with some backup and returned to Jetroina. Meanwhile, Lizbeth, Cecilia, and the others began fretting over Evangeline’s disappearance.

They had not seen the hide or hair of Evangeline for days. Everyone in Deragon Sect joined the search efforts, along with the Gunderson family.

Alas, no one knew Evangeline’s true identity, which hampered their investigation. Only Fernando knew about the holy maiden in Evangeline’s body, yet he dared not tell Chester about it.

I can only hope for Kai to solve this! At that moment, Kai was fervently absorbing the spiritual energy from the blood demon statue on Encanta Island.

The initial resistance of the statue had inexplicably disappeared, and its seemingly unending pool of spiritual energy had become a valuable resource for Kai and Deragon Sect’s members.

Almost a fortnight later, Kai had ascended to a Third Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis. However, no matter how much time he devoted to cultivation afterward, he no longer felt an improvement in his abilities.

He opened his eyes slowly and muttered, “It seems the spiritual energy in this statue can no longer support my cultivation.”

He froze in shock as his gaze landed on the blood demon statue. It was covered in a dense network of cracks, and it looked as if it would crumble at any moment.


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