The Mans Decree Chapter 1727

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1727
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Relax. This is definitely the place. Do you doubt my abilities?” Flaxseed glanced at Kai. “N-Not at all.” An awkward smile was set on Kai’s countenance before they entered the forest together.

They traversed through the jungle for another half an hour before Kai stopped himself and Flaxseed. Turning his head around, Flaxseed asked, “What’s the matter?” Kai gestured for him to keep quiet and unleashed his spiritual sense.

Soon, he realized there were two people ahead of him, and they had blended into the jungle. If not for my spiritual sense, it would’ve been difficult for me to spot them!

“Ninjas?” He frowned slightly. I didn’t expect to meet two ninjas from Jetroina here. Not only that, both of them are exceptionally skilled. If I hadn’t detected their presence beforehand, I would’ve been fooled by their camouflage.

Upon shooting a look at Flaxseed, Kai advanced forward with his companion while pretending as though they didn’t notice anything. The ninjas were surprised to see the duo because they rarely had visitors.

After exchanging a glance with each other, the ninjas leaped out of their hiding spots, went behind Kai and Flaxseed, and placed their blades next to the duo’s necks.

“Who are you two? Why are you here?” one of the ninjas interrogated. The duo was prepared for the ambush. Hence, Kai immediately grabbed the blade and snapped it.

Shocked, the ninja threw a handful of white powder toward Kai. It was a technique used when ninjas needed to escape from enemies more powerful than them.

However, the ninja’s white bewitching powder had no effect on Kai. Sneering, Kai stepped forward and grabbed the ninja.

When the other ninja saw that, he tried to cut off Flaxseed’s head. “You really think I’m that weak, huh?” Flaxseed’s expression turned cold as he rapidly flung three charms in the ninja’s direction.

The charms burned before transforming into fireballs. The ninja failed to dodge the attack in time and was set on fire.

In response to the immense pain, the ninja kept rolling around on the ground to extinguish the fire. Unfortunately for him, Flaxseed’s true fire couldn’t be easily stamped out.

Just like that, the ninja was burned alive. Moments later, he was turned into a charred corpse. The other ninja shook uncontrollably when he witnessed that horrible scene.

As he struggled for his life, he realized he couldn’t muster any strength at all, as though the martial energy in his body was sealed.

“Who are you people? Why are you here? Did you capture a girl?” Kai interrogated. Shaking his head, the ninja exclaimed, “I don’t know! We merely got lost here!”

Kai slapped him. “Do you think we’re stupid?” The slap shut the ninja up.

“I think I should use my Bone Devouring Charm to torture him. Maybe he’ll be willing to talk when I’m done.” As Flaxseed spoke, he pulled out a yellow talisman and swiftly drew something on it.

When the ninja saw that, he promptly gritted his teeth. Seconds later, his eyes widened, and a mouthful of black blood sputtered out of his mouth.

The ninja killed himself with poison! Kai frowned. It seems like this group of people isn’t as simple as I thought and is very disciplined. He would rather commit suicide than say anything.

After callously tossing the ninja’s body away, he turned to Flaxseed. “We need to be careful as we advance forward, Mr. Flaxseed.”


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