The Mans Decree Chapter 1730

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1730
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Hmph! It’s not like you can do anything about it, even if I tell you. Mr. Kawaguchi was the one who captured the girl because she’s carrying a secret or something.” Ono spilled the beans freely. I think it’s okay if I tell him. They’re about to die, after all.

“As I expected. It was Kazuo. He’s the only one who can capture Evangeline and bring her here.” Kai narrowed his eyes slightly as a frigid look swirled within them.

Again, he questioned, “Why are you people setting up a base here?” I can’t believe these Jetroinian samurais have the balls to build a secret base in Chanaea. I must figure out what they’re up to!

Unlike last time, Ono didn’t tell him anything. “Why are you still so curious about us even on the verge of death? Anyway, kill them!” he ordered

He wasn’t going to delay the execution anymore because he felt like Kai was intentionally baiting him to reveal more information.

Numerous samurais attempted to slash Kai and Flaxseed as they raised their katanas. In response, Flaxseed panickily urged, “Your body may be insanely tough, Kai, but not mine! Break this arcane array quickly!”

He was certain Kai could destroy the arcane array.

“Break it? Is that a joke? There’s no way you can destroy the arcane array personally created by the envoys of Elysium Sect!” Right as Ono finished his sentence, he saw Kai’s body abruptly explode with a golden light.

A terrifying aura crashed into the samurais like a mighty wave, instantly toppling them.

The net, made from dozens of lights, also vanished in a blink of an eye. “You… You…” Ono was shocked as he paled. “You’re a Greater Martial Arts Marquis!”

Upon turning his line of sight to Flaxseed, Kai asked, “I’ll let you handle the small fries while I take care of this guy. What do you think, Mr. Flaxseed?”

“No problem.” Flaxseed nodded in response. The moment Kai took a step toward Ono, a terrifying aura exploded from his body. Ono twirled around and retreated when he sensed Kai’s aura.

“Still trying to run, are you?” Kai sneered and chased after his prey. To deter his pursuer, Ono struck in the direction behind him, causing multiple huge rocks to fly toward Kai.

With a casual swing of his fist, Kai reduced those huge rocks into powder. His fist continued to travel forward until it violently landed on Ono’s chest. Several of Ono’s ribs were broken as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

Fearfully, he continued to escape at high speed. Kai pursued him slowly because he was certain Ono would lead him to Evangeline.

Unfortunately, Ono wasn’t stupid. He was aware of Kai’s intention, so he didn’t sprint toward Evangeline’s confinement.

The further he fled into his escape cave, the narrower it became. There was also a sinister aura inside the cave.

Just as he was getting ahead, he suddenly slapped a spot on the wall, causing laser beams to shoot out from both sides.

Because of how cramped the cave was, Kai had no room to dodge. Thus, he was hit by the laser beams. Ono then stopped moving with a sneer However, when the laser beams hit Kai’s body, he was completely unharmed.

“What?” Ono was dumbstruck. His original plan was to lure Kai into the cave and kill him with the arcane array, but it failed because he didn’t anticipate Kai’s body would be that tough.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Staring at Ono coldly, Kai punched him. Then, the gust of wind generated by the attack sent Ono flying away.


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