The Mans Decree Chapter 1731

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1731
A Man Like None Other Novel
Peering at Kai, Ono finally realized he was as weak as a helpless ant when compared to his enemy. “Where’s the girl you captured?” Kai questioned again.

“Follow me if you dare, punk!” A frigid look flashed past Ono’s eyes as he gritted his teeth, looking as though he was planning to do something.

Following behind Ono, Kai ventured deeper into the cave. At the same time, the bloody, terrifying aura was getting thicker. Not long after, he noticed the drywall was getting damper, and the floor was also getting wetter.

When Ono arrived in front of a stone door, he halted his steps and stared at it as though he was hesitating about something. Sensing Kai’s approaching from behind, he steeled himself and pushed the door open before entering the room. Without hesitation, Kai followed suit.

Soon, he saw a very spacious hall inside. In the middle of the hall was a round altar. A giant spider, which kept spitting out silk. threads, was sitting in the center of the altar, trapped in a cage made of light. Attached to the rocky walls of the hall were chrysalis-like objects wrapped in silk threads.

Kai didn’t expect his enemies to keep a demon beast in their hideout. Based on the spider’s size and the aura it’s emitting, it’s very clearly a high-level demon beast! I think it’s probably as powerful as a Martial Arts Marquis or even a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Nevertheless, a demon beast will always be stronger than a human even though they are on the same power level.

“I can’t believe you have the guts to follow me here, brat. There’s no doubt you’ll bite the dust once I release this spider beast!” Ono threatened.

Kai sneered, “Stop your yapping and just let it out! If my guess is right, this spider beast doesn’t take your orders. If you let it out, the first thing it’ll eat is you!”

In response to hearing that, Ono scowled. Clearly, Kai was right about the money with his assumption.

“You’d better get out of here now. If you leave me no choice, I’ll make sure you perish with me!” Ono placed his hand on a spot on the stone wall, which seemed to be the core of the arcane array.

As Kai gazed at the giant spider with a burning desire, Dragonslayer Sword slowly. showed itself. Even if he refuses to release this demon beast, I’m still going to kill this thing! Beast cores are valuable resources, after all!

“Quit wasting my time! I dare you to let the demon beast out now!” He was ready to kill the demon beast. “T-Then I’ll do it I really will!” Ono’s body was slightly trembling.

“You talk too much.” Kai lifted Dragonslayer Sword and slashed it in Ono’s direction. Frightening martial energy soared toward Ono like a beam of light. In response, Ono pressed his hand on the stone wall.

Seconds later, an ear-piercing sound was heard in the room as the cage of light that imprisoned the spider beast disappeared. The spider beast screeched and pounced toward him as he was the closest living being to it in the room.

Clang! Instead of Ono, Kai’s sword landed on the spider beast. A crunching sound was heard as the spider beast shrieked in agony. However, it was unhurt.

Kai grimaced slightly when he saw that. Sure, I didn’t use my full power in that attack, but I can’t believe it didn’t even break through the spider beast’s defense!

The spider beast glanced at him but didn’t attack him. Instead, it opened its mouth and tried to bite Ono. The instant Ono noticed the creature’s course of action, he jumped and kicked the chrysalis- like object on the stone wall.

When that object almost hit the spider beast, the creature used two of its legs to catch it before tearing the exterior silk thread apart with two sharp claws.


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