The Mans Decree Chapter 1732

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1732
A Man Like None Other Novel
When the silk thread was ripped away, a thick stench of blood filled the air. Then, a corpse fell out of the chrysalis-like object. The spider beast proceeded to swallow the corpse and the threads into its stomach before attacking Ono again.

Ono glowered at the spider beast. You piece of sh’t! Why do you always chase after me? With no other choice, he had to keep kicking down the chrysalis-like objects on the wall to block the spider beast’s path. Each of them had a corpse inside. There were dead men, women, and even children within.

Kai was slightly stunned by the sight of those corpses. At that moment, Flaxseed had arrived at the scene. His expression darkened rapidly when he witnessed the situation inside the room.

“What’s the matter, Mr. Flaxseed?” Kai asked. With gritted teeth, Flaxseed spat with unbound fury, “I can’t believe these animals are making human chrysalis!”

“What’s a human chrysalis, Mr. Flaxseed?” Kai was confused. I have no idea what he’s saying!

“Human chrysalis is made when a living human is wrapped in silk threads. The humans inside are left to die of thirst and hunger before they are fed to the demon beast! This is done to remove any waste inside the human bodies so the beast will like them more,” Flaxseed answered.

Flaxseed’s explanation instantly enraged Kai. The corpses inside these chrysalises were essentially trapped alive! Concurrently, Ono was still using the human chrysalises to dodge the spider beast’s attacks.

Kai unleashed a palm strike in Ono’s direction, sending an overwhelming aura straight toward him.

Ono had been wholly focused on the spider beast, so when he noticed Kai’s aura flying toward him, it was already too late for him to dodge.

Boom! Following the deafening explosion, Ono’s body was blasted into pieces by Kai. After losing its target, the spider beast turned its sight toward Kai.

As though the creature knew its next target was mightier than the last, instead of charging forward, it spat out silk threads to bind Kai and Flaxseed.

In response, Kai swung Dragonslayer Sword to sever the threads instantly. Then he bolted toward the creature to slash it.

Sensing the oncoming danger, the spider beast scuttled backward and sent waves of martial energy toward Kai with its two sharp hind legs.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Kai handily blocked the attacks with Dragonslayer Sword and stabbed the spider beast.

Psh! Dark green blood spurted out of the beast’s body. While Dragonslayer Sword did prick the creature, it only went deep enough to puncture its defense.

Kai was flabbergasted. I used my full power in this attack, yet it was only strong enough to pierce through its defense!

The injured spider beast roared and opened its mouth to bite him. At the same time, its claws were clasped onto Dragonslayer Sword.

Kai attempted to pull Dragonslayer Sword out before swiftly realizing the sword had fallen into the spider beast’s grasp. Thus, with no options left, he hopped backward, dodging the creature’s assault, but losing Dragonslayer Sword in the process.

“You shouldn’t keep fighting it here, Kai! It’s too cramped here. We need to get out!” Flaxseed suggested. Speed is his advantage in fighting against a demon beast like the spider!

It’s unlikely that the creature can move quickly with its gigantic body. However, as fast as Kai can be, he doesn’t have enough space in this enclosed hall to utilize to his advantage.


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