The Mans Decree Chapter 1734

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1734
A Man Like None Other Novel
Right as Kai was wondering what to do, Evangeline landed in front of the spider beast in white clothing like an angel. The spider beast, already in a state of berserk, instantly tried to assault Evangeline with its sharp claws.

Instead of dodging or running away, she stared at the beast calmly and started chanting. Her voice sounded angelic and soothing, capable of calming even the most manic in a very short amount of time.

mind The creature’s claws froze as it gazed at her. After Evangeline finished her chanting, she patted the beast’s head.

Even though she was standing so close to the spider beast, it didn’t attack her and even allowed her to pat it.

She turned to Kai, who was still lying on the beast’s body, and suggested, “You should retrieve your sword from its mouth, Mr. Chance.”

He stared at her, astounded. “If I remove the sword, it may swallow you.”

It was then Flaxseed raised his head and yelled excitedly, “It won’t because this is an ancient beast-taming technique! How marvelous!”

Kai was puzzled because he had no idea what beast-taming technique was, but he chose to trust Evangeline and removed Dragonslayer Sword from the spider beast’s mouth.

As she continued to pat the spider beast’s head, a light enveloped the creature, causing it to shrink until it was only the size of a thumb.

Naturally, Kai was stunned when he saw that. She grabbed a bottle, put the spider beast inside, and stuffed it into her pocket.

Meanwhile, Flaxseed approached her while gazing at her with excitement and respect. “Can you teach me this ancient beast-taming technique?”

Upon glancing at him, Evangeline shook her head. “I can’t.” He was slightly displeased to receive that answer. “Hey, I was the one who saved you.”

“It’s not that I don’t want to teach you. It’s simply because you can’t learn it. Only those with pure hearts can learn the beast-taming technique. I’m the holy maiden of Lunarius Palace, which is why I can learn it. On the contrary, your mind is filled with lust, so you cannot.”

Her words elicited an embarrassed blush on Flaxseed’s countenance.

“Haha, it’s fine if I can’t learn it. The beast- trapping charm I have isn’t any worse than the beast-taming technique.” He was saying that to ease the awkwardness he was experiencing.

“Since you have that beast-trapping charm, why didn’t you use that earlier, Mr. Flaxseed? almost died!” Kai shot a glare at him.

“Are you kidding me? You’re the son of a dragon and Golden Dragon’s True Form. There’s no way you’ll die, even if you are swallowed by that demon beast” “All right, that’s enough. Stop flattering me.”

Kai then turned to Evangeline. “Can you teach me the beast-taming technique, Evangeline? If I can subdue a heavenly demon beast one day, I’ll be invincible!”

Rolling her eyes at him, she spoke candidly. “Keep on dreaming. The beast-taming technique may be powerful, but it is only effective if the demon beast’s strength is less than or equal to the user’s power level. So, it’s impossible for you to tame a heavenly demon beast.”

He was first taken aback before he asked with confusion, “But this spider beast is more powerful than a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. How did you tame it?”

I know her strength is restricted right now, so she’s only as powerful as a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. How did she subdue a demon beast mightier than a Greater Martial Arts Marquis? “Because this spider beast is only about as powerful as a beginner-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis.”


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