The Mans Decree Chapter 1735

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1735
A Man Like None Other Novel
“No, that’s absolutely impossible. I was almost eaten by the spider beast. Are you saying I can’t even defeat a demon beast as powerful as a beginner-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis?” Kai couldn’t believe he failed to defeat a demon beast of that caliber when his strength was equal to Third Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis.

Evangeline smiled. “Every demon beast has their own strengths and weaknesses. This spider beast has an exceptionally tough defense, yet you chose to fight against it head- on. If you had attacked its tail when it was spitting threads instead, you could’ve killed it easily

That revelation rendered Kai speechless. Indeed, I didn’t bother to learn the demon beasts’ features. I guess I’ll need to hit the books in the future. Staring at the collapsed cave, he suddenly recalled the people that were turned into human chrysalises.

Fury and murderous intent blazed in his heart as he uttered with gritted teeth, “I’ll make sure those sons of a b*tch pay the price! I won’t forget you, Elysium Sect.”

An icy look swirled in his eyes. “Let’s go!” Flaxseed called out to Kai. In response, Kai nodded before all three of them prepared to leave. Meanwhile, a car was speeding on a path in the jungle.

Kazuo and a middle-aged man with a mustache were sitting inside the vehicle. “I’ll be counting on you, Mr. Sakata,” said Kazuo politely.

The middle-aged man was the Soul Searching Master Kazuo invited from Jetroina, Masamura Sakata. While Masamura wasn’t particularly powerful, his Soul Searching Technique was adroit, to say the least.

“No need to speak so highly of me, Mr. Kawaguchi. I also want to see what a soul from thousands of years ago looks like,” Masamura replied with a grin.

After Kazuo parked the car, they began trekking into the forest. However, the moment Kazuo stepped into the jungle, his expression changed.

“This is bad! Someone had been here!” Frowning, he hastily bolted toward his camp. Masamura followed closely behind him.

Meanwhile, just as Kai and the other two were about to leave, they sensed an extremely dangerous presence heading their way. In a blink of an eye, Kai captured Kazuo’s familiar aura “Kazuo’s here. We need to leave quickly.” As he spoke, he changed the direction of their course. Instead of heading outside of the forest, he opted to journey deeper into the woods.

When Kazuo arrived at the secret base with Masamura, he was dumbfounded as he stared at the corpses strewn across the ground, the collapsed mountain, and the destroyed base.

“Motherf*cker!” Kazuo howled lividly. Then he briefly closed his eyes and tried to sense any aura nearby. Upon opening his eyes, he informed, “They’re ahead of us! Let’s chase after them!”

Furiously, Kazuo pursued Kai and the others. No matter how far Kai and the others ran, Kazuo wouldn’t halt his pursuit.

“Take Evangeline and run in another direction, Mr. Flaxseed. I’ll lure Kazuo away,” Kai instructed. Worried, Flaxseed asked, “Are you going to be okay by yourself, Kai? Kazuo doesn’t seem weak at all.”

“He’s right. Kazuo is immensely powerful. He’s about as strong as an advanced-phase Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Even I’m not his opponent,” Evangeline chimed in.

“It’s fine. I can run faster. As long as he can’t catch up to me, I’ll be okay. If we don’t do this, he’ll get us all eventually,” assured Kai. If the three of us stick together, he’ll reach us sooner or later. None of us will be able to escape when he does. As long as Flaxseed and Evangeline are safe, I’ll be able to escape with my speed.

“Okay. Be careful, then. We’ll meet up in the city outside the forest.” Upon ending his sentence, Flaxseed fled in another direction with Evangeline.


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