The Mans Decree Chapter 1740

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1740
A Man Like None Other Novel
Kazuo was blinded by greed. “Young man, you have a lot of treasures, huh?” He leaped into the sky, wielding his katana to paint a lotus in the air. The lotus increased in size and covered Kai completely.

Kazuo dared not go against Kai as he was afraid of destroying Kai’s Dragonslayer Sword. A sword with spirit was truly priceless. Kai sensed something coming at him and stuck his hand back instinctively to retaliate. A light emerged from his sword..

However, the light merely penetrated the lotus and didn’t cause any damage. Soon, Kai was engulfed completely by the lotus.

“Ha! Run if you can,” Kazuo mocked when he realized Kai was unable to escape, Kai ignored his mocking comment and held his Dragonslayer Sword silently. A grey light emerged from the sword.

He swung his sword at the lotus with all his might. Despite successfully penetrating the lotus, it remained unscathed.

Kai furrowed his brows. He was perplexed by the mysterious lotus that held him captive and why his sword seemed to have no effect on it.

Kazuo guffawed out loud. “Ha! Stop wasting your efforts. The lotus is not real, so no matter how strong you are, you can’t break free of it.”

He strode to Kai and glared at him icily. “If you give me the beast core and the magic sword, I might consider sparing your life.” Kai stared at Kazuo intently. “Are you serious?”

“Of course. I am a man of my word. If you give me those things as requested, I promise to spare your life,” Kazuo promised.

“All right, then. Here you go,” Kai responded. He then threw Dragonslayer Sword to Kazuo. Kazuo was overjoyed and eagerly seized the sword.

As soon as his fingers gripped the hilt of the sword, he felt a surge of bloodlust roar through his body. Visions of gruesome battles and unthinkable atrocities played out in his mind.

Shocked, Kazuo dropped Dragonslayer Sword instantly “What about the beast core? Give it to me now,” he demanded. “Will you release me once I give you the beast core?” Kai asked.

Kazuo nodded. “Yes. I promise I’ll let you go!”

After a brief hesitation, he reached into his pocket and dug out the beast core. Kai added, “You must keep your promise.”

“Don’t worry, I will. Hurry up and give me the beast core!” Kazuo urged impatiently. Kai held the beast core and stretched his hand out slowly.

Seeing that, Kazuo reached out eagerly to take it. Right when he was about to get the beast core, Kai suddenly retracted his hand and parted his lips to swallow the beast core.

Kai gave a cold, mocking laugh. “Do your really think I’m going to give it to you?”

Kazuo roared angrily, “How dare you take me for a fool?”

Kazuo was just about to launch an attack on Kai when Dragonslayer Sword, lying on the ground, suddenly flew up on its own and impaled him forcefully.

When Kazuo felt something cooling stab into his back, he quickly turned and blocked Dragonslayer Sword’s attack. At the same time, Kai clenched his fist and delivered a punch in the lotus’ direction.

“Sacred Light Fist!” This time, Kai didn’t bother using his spiritual energy and used his power to punch the lotus, Boom! The lotus shattered into pieces and vanished. under the Sacred Light Fist.


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