The Mans Decree Chapter 1741

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1741
A Man Like None Other Novel
Meanwhile, Kai leaped into the air and instantly disappeared. Kazuo turned around and realized that Kai had already escaped. “Just you wait, brat! I’ll kill you!” Kazuo roared. It’s all right. Although he had escaped, he left that magic sword behind.

To Kazuo’s surprise, he saw that Dragonslayer Sword was also missing after he turned around. Since Kai’s body and Dragonslayer Sword had already merged and become one, there was no way Kazuo could ever get it.

After escaping, Kai didn’t dare to stop, and he was rushing toward the nearest city. The beast core in my body is constantly releasing the power of a demon beast! I must find somewhere to refine the beast core!

Indeed, the power of the beast core was releasing its energy within Kai’s body. At that moment, Flaxseed and Evangeline, who were in a city nearest to Kai, were waiting for him.

“Mr. Flaxseed, do you think Mr. Chance will be okay? Evangeline was overwhelmed by guilt.. After all, Kai was only in that situation because he was saving her.

“Don’t worry. That fellow is a lucky man. He’s not going to die…” Although Flaxseed was speaking in a casual tone, his face was filled with concern.

Soon, they both sensed Kai’s aura. Elated, they quickly rushed toward the aura they felt. They were stumped when they saw Kai with his face reddened and looking disheveled.

Besides, his skin was turning green. “What happened to you, Kai?” Flaxseed asked.

“Mr. Flaxseed, I swallowed a spider beast’s beast core, and it hasn’t been refined yet. I need a safe place to refine the beast core…” Kai explained. “Follow me…” Flaxseed hurriedly brought Kai to a hotel.

After checking in, Kai instructed Flaxseed to find a way to contact Jadeborough and tell them that Evangeline had been rescued so that they wouldn’t gather up.

Knowing that it would take some time to refine a beast core of that grade, Kai also told Flaxseed and Evangeline to stay at the hotel to be his guardians.

Upon giving out his instructions, Kai quickly went into his room to cultivate and refine the beast core in his body. Meanwhile, Flaxseed and Evangeline took turns guarding the door.

Time ticked by, and Kai suddenly opened his eyes after two weeks.

He let out a heavy sigh and muttered, “It seems like the spiritual energy here isn’t replenished, and that’s why it took me such a long time to cultivate in the mundane world.”

After refining that beast core, Kai still couldn’t achieve Third Level Greater Martial Arts Marquis at his cultivation level. Although Kai wasn’t restricted by the laws of nature, he still considered his cultivation speed slow.

Little did he know, his speed was ridiculously fast. No one else could achieve Greater Martial Arts Marquis cultivation level within such a short period of time.

When Kai opened the door, he saw Evangeline guarding the door. Seeing that Kai was awake, Evangeline asked, “How did it go, Mr. Chance?”

“I’ve already refined the beast core, but it didn’t go as well as I imagined it would. I still have the same cultivation level.” Kai looked rather dejected.

“Spiritual energy cultivation is about. progressing gradually. In order to speed up their cultivation, plenty of spiritual energy cultivators gave up and joined the demons instead.

Hence, more and more spiritual energy cultivators turned demonic. That’s how the Celestial Battle happened. Everything then became chaotic, celestials fell, and the realm was never the same again,” Evangeline comforted Kai.

“Where’s Mr. Flaxseed?” Kai asked. Evangeline blushed and whispered, “I-I think he’s in his room…”


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