The Mans Decree Chapter 1742

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1742
A Man Like None Other Novel
“That fellow! Did he bully you and let you guard on your own?” Kai asked while walking toward Flaxseed’s room. The moment he arrived at the door, he heard a woman’s voice coming from inside the room.

Right away, Kai knew why Evangeline was blushing. “Is the old man possessed by a sex demon?” Kai stepped forward and kicked the door open. “Ah!” a woman screamed and ran out of the room with her clothes undone.

Flaxseed saw Kai and grumbled, “I acted as your guardian for so many days. Why can’t you just let me relax? Why must you disturb me?”

“Mr. Flaxseed, I’m doing this for your own good. What if you exhaust your body and end up being unable to become immortal?” Kai replied.

“Immortal? I’m just living my life to the fullest…” Flaxseed put on his clothes and added, “Since you’re awake now, I’m going back to Whitesea. I can’t leave the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect unguarded…”

Kai knew Flaxseed wanted to go back to Whitesea because he was missing the girls from the Simmonses dearly instead of wanting to guard the ancient ruins of Skywrath Sect. “Accompany me to Encanta Island first before you go back to Whitesea…” Kai uttered.

“Encanta Island? What for? The arcane array there has already been broken, and there isn’t much spiritual energy left. Why would you want to go there?” Flaxseed asked.

“Have you forgotten about the statue? That statue contains a huge amount of spiritual energy. Come with me and keep me company, will you?” Jaren asked in a slightly begging tone.

“Forget about it. I don’t want to travel anymore. Besides, don’t you have a girl accompanying you already? You guys can do whatever you want without having an old man present.” Flaxseed waved dismissively.

“I’m not like you. If you don’t follow me, I’m not going to help you with matters concerning Skywrath Sect anymore. Moreover, I also won’t risk my life to inherit those charm spells.”

With that, Kai turned around to leave. In response, Flaxseed immediately went after Kai. “I was just joking! Why would you think I was being serious? Let’s pack up and leave. I’ll treat it as a break.”

Kai smiled when he saw how Flaxseed was acting. The three of them packed up and set out for Encanta Island. After two days, they finally arrived on Encanta Island.

The second they set foot on the island, Evangeline suddenly halted in her tracks. “What’s the matter?” Kai asked. “Why is a blood demon’s aura present in the area?” Evangeline looked pallid.

“The blood demon is on the island, but it’s just a statue!” Kai explained. “A statue?” Evangeline was confused.

“Come! You’ll understand it once you see it!” Kai brought Evangeline to the palace on Encanta Island. Norm found out that Kai had returned, and he quickly brought his men to welcome the guests.

“Now that you’re the boss, it seems like you’ve been living well!” Flaxseed saw Norm and went. up to the latter to pat his shoulders.

“You’re here as well, Mr. Flaxseed! Come on in.” Norm flashed an awkward smile. “Hey, I have a question for you. Do you guys have…” Flaxseed finished his sentence by whispering it into Norm’s ear.

Upon hearing Flaxseed’s question, Norm nodded vigorously and said, “We do! I’ll arrange it for you, Mr. Flaxseed.”

“Haha! Nice!” Flaxseed laughed and entered the palace. Seeing how Flaxseed was acting, Kai knew exactly what Flaxseed requested from Norm.

“After I left, have there been any changes in the forbidden ground?” Kai asked Norm. “After you left, Mr. Chance, I ordered my men to seal the forbidden ground. No one has been there ever since,” Norm answered.

“Good. Let’s go to the forbidden ground.” Kai wanted to check out the statue.


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