The Mans Decree Chapter 1745

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1745
A Man Like None Other Novel
“That’s right!” Kai nodded. “Although I can’t possess it, we can make this body into a zombie puppet, so that way, it’ll listen to Mr. Chance still,” Gilbert quickly said, not wanting to be shoved into the Storage Ring by Kai.

“Do you know how powerful this zombie puppet is? Are you really thinking of making it a zombie puppet?” Flaxseed questioned with a huff.

“Any body will do; any body can be made into a zombie puppet. I can even use the bodies of those who are of Manifestor level,” Gilbert uttered confidently.

“Can you really do that?” Kai dubiously asked. “Mr. Chance, I wouldn’t dare to lie to you,” replied Gilbert in a polite tone. “All right. Create it, then. If you succeed, I’ll get a body for you,” Kai promised.

However, Gilbert said with a stumped look, “Mr. Chance, I’m only a spirit right now. I won’t be able to create it. I’ll only be able to do it with a body.”

Kai stared at Gilbert for a long time in silence. A moment later, he inclined his head and said, “Okay, I’ll get a body for you, but if you dare lie to me, I’ll definitely make you regret everything.”

“Of course. Mr. Chance, you’re a Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Even if I get a body, I still won’t be a match for you, so why would I have the courage to lie to you?” Gilbert blurted out.

“Norm, get him a body,” Kai ordered. Norm nodded. He soon found a body whose face was bearded and ugly.

Even though Gilbert did not find its appearance good, it was his only chance to have a body, so he steeled himself and took it. Soon, Gilbert possessed the body. Shortly after, the eyes of the dead, bearded man open.

Gilbert had woken up. He was thrilled upon seeing his body. “Now, you can start creating zombie puppets,” Kai reminded Gilbert. “Mr. Chance, I’ll have to build a stage to create a powerful zombie puppet like this,” Gilbert told him.

Kai furrowed his brows. “How long will you need?” “Just a few hours.”

“All right. I’ll have Norm get some men to help you out, but time is of the essence.” Kai nodded at him before leaving the forbidden ground.

He and the others had a tiring journey, and they needed to rest. “ Kai, do you really believe that guy?” Flaxseed queried.

“I don’t think he’ll dare to lie to me. As a Demonic Cultivator, maybe he really has a way to make that blood demon into a zombie puppet.”

The only option Kai had was to believe Gilbert. Hours went by in the blink of an eye.

Soon, Norm sent someone to call for Kai and the others to come to them. The moment Kai stepped into the forbidden ground, he was greeted by the sight of a six-meter-tall stage built in the middle.

Around the stage were some magical items that Kai assumed were meant to stabilize the stage.

“Mr. Chance, the stage has been built, but there aren’t any magical items good enough to properly stabilize the stage. I’m scared that the stage will collapse midway. May I know if you have any higher-quality magical items, Mr. Chance?” Gilbert asked.

Kai pursed his lips and shook his head. “I don’t have any magical items either, but I have a spiritual sword. Will that be good enough?”

Gilbert shook his head as well. “To play it safe, I’ll have to get some proper magical items.” But where was Kai going to get magical items at a time like this?

Right then, Flaxseed stepped forward and uttered, “Why would you need magical items? I can just draw a few talismans to ensure that this stage is as sturdy as a mountain.”

As he spoke, he took out a few pieces of paper and started mumbling under his breath as he drew something on the paper. In no time, Flaxseed was done with his talismans and stuck them at all four corners of the stage.

Gilbert was taken aback by the way Flaxseed drew his runic talismans. He could not believe someone would be that skilled in talismans.


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