The Mans Decree Chapter 1746

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1746
A Man Like None Other Novel
Gilbert then ordered the people to put the blood demon’s body in the middle of the stage before turning to Kai. “Mr. Chance, I need you to drip a few drops of your blood essence on that body so that you’ll be able to control him.”

With a nod, Kai leaped onto the stage and forced a few drops of blood essence out from the spot between his brows to drip on the blood demon.

The very second the drops of blood essence touched the body, they were absorbed completely. As if electrocuted, the blood demon’s body. began twisting and turning.

Kai turned to look at Gilbert in shock. Jumping onto the stage, Gilbert then said, “Mr. Chance, please don’t let anyone disturb me while I create the zombie puppet, or else everything will go to waste.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be guarding here myself. But how many days do you need to create the zombie puppet?” Kai asked.

He could not guard Gilbert forever. Moreover, if Gilbert was actually lying to him about being able to create the zombie puppet, they would be standing guard over him for eternity.

Glancing at the sky, Gilbert then said, “it’ll be done before the sky turns dark.” “Sure.” Kai bobbed his head and jumped off the stage.

Soon, Gilbert lifted his hands and started chanting under his breath. Rays of energy seeped out of the ground and gathered around the blood demon’s body.

Meanwhile, Kai, Flaxseed, and the others quietly guarded Gilbert at the side. Time ticked by. The sun was about to go down, but Gilbert and the blood demon’s body remained unmoving.

Nevertheless, the energy continued to seep out of the ground. An anxious look crossed Kai’s face, but he could only wait.

Right then, the sounds of fighting traveled into their ears. Then, two terrifying waves of aura rushed toward the forbidden ground. Kai scrunched up his brows. “Is someone coming?”

“They have very strong auras. They’re Greater Martial Arts Marquises,” Flaxseed said with a similar frown.

Kai spared Gilbert a glimpse before turning

to Evangeline to say, “Evangeline, stay here, and don’t let anyone come close. I’m going to check it out with Mr. Flaxseed.”

Evangeline nodded, and in the next second, Kai and Flaxseed dashed out of the forbidden ground.

Right as they stepped out of the land, they bumped into the panicking Norm. Kai grabbed him and asked, “What’s going on?”

“Bad news, Mr. Chance. Two people have barged into the palace and are speeding toward the forbidden ground. My men can’t stop them!”

Norm cried out. Hearing that, Kai immediately took off.

However, the closer they came to the intruders, the darker Kai’s expression became. He could acutely sense that they were both Greater Martial Arts Marquises.

They were opponents Kai had no confidence in defeating because he might not be able to stop them at all. Still, regardless of that, he had to do his best to intercept them and prevent them from entering the forbidden ground.

Flaxseed had an equally grim expression on his. face as he kept drawing runic talismans.

When Kai and Flaxseed darted into the palace, they were greeted by the sight of bodies strewn across the floor. Then, the next thing they noticed was a man and a woman walking toward the back of the palace.

“Stop right there! Who are you? Why did you come here and kill them?” Kai shouted. However, the man only glanced at Kai before hissing, “Scram, if you don’t want to die.”

With that, the duo ignored Kai and continued their way toward the forbidden ground. At that, Kai threw a punch to stop them, but the other man returned a punch as well.

Boom! came the loud sound. Kai flew backward, and when he landed, his arm shook.


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