The Mans Decree Chapter 1750

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1750
A Man Like None Other Novel
As the man was fast, he caught up to Kai in the blink of an eye. While gritting his teeth, Kai turned back to swing his sword again.

Clang! This time, the Dragonslayer Sword in Kai’s hand was sent flying immediately. Kai’s hand was injured, and blood spurted out from the wound.

Kai’s face clouded over. Now that the Dragonslayer Sword is gone, I can only fight him head-on.

Bam! Bam! Bam! The man consecutively punched thrice, while Kai retaliated with three punches as well. After the three punches, Kai’s entire being flew backward, and he crashed to the ground with a heavy thud.

“What a f*cking psycho!” Kai got to his feet, and a worried look crept onto his face. This man is too powerful! As Kai took a deep breath, the Dragonslayer Sword returned to his hand. He then infused the Power of Dragons into it.

The Dragonslayer Sword began to hum. In the next moment, a golden dragon circled above Kai. Despite that, the man paid no heed to Kai’s changes and swung a punch at Kai once again.

That punch was so powerful that it brought a strong gust of wind that transformed into a fire dragon charging at Kai.

Witnessing that scene, Kai swung the weapon in his hand with all his might. The golden dragon roared before dashing over. Boom! The two dragons collided with each other, and the ground shook.

Kai’s golden dragon immediately became speckles of light and dissipated, whereas the fire dragon roared and continued to charge toward Kai.

Kai furrowed his brows as he felt the powerful aura emanating from the fire dragon. He had no choice but to maximize Golem Body and try his best to endure that attack.

Bang! Kai’s body was sent sailing through the air. His Golem Body disintegrated, and a number of wounds appeared on his physical body.

Kai crashed heavily onto the floor, causing a crater to form. The man leaped into the air and charged at Kai without hesitation before throwing at punch at the latter. Judging from that punch, Kai probably couldn’t hold on any longer.

Right at that moment, a female shout sounded. Then, Evangeline appeared in front of Kai as she defended him. A light blue aura emitted from her entire body, which turned into a shield in an instant.

Boom! As the man slammed his fist on the shield, it shattered into pieces but, at the same time, counteracted the power of that punch. However, Evangeline’s face turned pale.

Evidently, the power of Evangeline’s physical body, including that of the holy maiden’s spirit, had dropped significantly. She was no match for the man either.

Nevertheless, Evangeline’s appearance gave Kai a chance to catch his breath. “I can’t believe there’s still another elite. Both of you can come at me together then.”

The man remained calm when he saw Evangeline, even feeling slightly excited. His body erupted into flames again as he turned himself into a living torch, and a terrifying aura spread in all directions.

As the man swung out his fists, balls of fire and a powerful wave of energy rapidly charged toward Kai and Evangeline. The duo quickly took action while explosions rang in their ears.

Boom! Eventually, Evangeline and Kai couldn’t stand it and were hit by the flames. The impact of the powerful force was so immense that it made the duo’s insides churn.

Gritting their teeth, Evangeline and Kai still got up even though they were injured because they couldn’t allow the man to enter the forbidden ground.

However, just as the duo was ready to fight against the man together, waves of icy cold air rolled across them as the woman dashed over from the hall.

When Kai caught sight of the woman, he felt sorrowful because he knew something bad might have happened to Flaxseed. Rage filled Kai’s eyes, and a terrifying murderous intent swirled inside him at that moment.

“Let’s not waste any more time. Kill them at once. I can sense the blood demon’s aura has changed…” the woman told the man. The man nodded before both of them launched an attack on Kai and Evangeline in unison.


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