The Mans Decree Chapter 1754

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1754
A Man Like None Other Novel
Jake’s expression darkened as he swept his gaze across the silent crowd. These people are cunning. They know how challenging it is to revive the Warriors Alliance to its past glory.

If that goal isn’t achieved and Lord Tanner wants to mete out punishment, none of them can get away unscathed. Hence, all of them want to shift the responsibility to me alone. Well, what can I do? I’m the leader of the Warriors Alliance, and they are merely hired help.

Regret flooded Jake at that moment for getting involved in such a mess. Why did I become the leader of the Warriors Alliance?

However, feeling remorse was pointless by then. Jake only hoped Kai wouldn’t return to the Warriors Alliance to raise hell so that he would have time to develop the alliance..

Sounds of reprimand came from outside, interrupting his train of thought. “Who are you? Are you aware of the crime you’ve committed by barging into the Warriors Alliance?”

The condemnation proved an intruder had broken into the Warriors Alliance’s territory.

Jake’s expression turned grim. “Hmph! How dare these people look down their noses at the Warriors Alliance? We have to teach them a lesson this time!”

Recently, intruders kept breaching the Warriors Alliance without permission. It was clear they had never viewed the Warriors Alliance as a threat.

Jake shot to his feet and strode outside with the black-robed warriors following closely behind him.

When he arrived at the front door, Jake witnessed Kai shoving a Warriors Alliance guard aside and strutting into the hall as though he owned the place. Another person was trailing after Kai. However, that person had a deadpan expression and an empty look in his eyes, making him appear dim-witted.

“ Kai?” Jake frowned when he recognized the intruder as Kai. So much for hoping Kai doesn’t return to the Warriors Alliance to raise hell. Speak of the devil, and he’s here now.

Kai cast a glance at Jake. “Are you the one calling the shots at the Warriors Alliance now?” he asked casually. Jake nodded. “That’s right. I’m the president-”

“Perfect. I’ll discuss it with you then.” Kai walked into the hall when he finished, ignoring Jake and the black-robed warriors.

With the blood demon trailing behind him, naturally, Kai wasn’t afraid of the Warriors Alliance.

Seeing Kai’s arrogance, anger surged within Jake. Yet, he kept it in check for the bigger picture and followed Kai into the hall.” Kai, what are you doing here? Have you no fear of not making it out alive?”

Jake was impressed with Kai’s bravery.

“When I decided to come, I had no intentions of leaving. You know why I’m here. I’ll let the Warriors Alliance go without a scratch if you release my girlfriend. Otherwise, it’ll no longer exist in this world from today,” Kai said with a stony expression.

Jake burst into laughter at Kai’s threat. “ Kai, you’re competent indeed, but aren’t you just a Greater Martial Arts Marquis? Do you think you’re unrivaled in this world? Let me tell you. We have eight Greater Martial Arts Marquis. Every one of them has skills on par with you. What makes you think you can come in here and demand your girlfriend be released? You should be thanking me for letting you live right this moment.”

Jake’s lips curved into a cold smile as he grasped his scepter.

The black-robed warriors shot mocking looks at Kai. They might have felt a sliver of dread if Kai had gathered every force from the Deragon Sect for a life-or-death battle with the Warriors Alliance.

However, Kai had come alone. That meant he was digging his own grave. They had numbers on their side, so they weren’t afraid of him.

Jake’s words didn’t affect Kai in the slightest as he calmly stated, “I’m giving you a chance here. Don’t blame me for the consequences if you don’t appreciate it.”

Jake laughed. “ Kai, your girlfriend is locked in the dungeon, and no one can free her or save her. I don’t have that level of authority either. What makes you think I’ll let your girlfriend go even if I do have it? Do you think I’ll let her go with you running your mouth?”

A powerful aura exploded from Jake’s body mid-conversation. In a blink of an eye, the aura shrouded every inch of Kai.


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