The Mans Decree Chapter 1755

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1755
A Man Like None Other Novel
Kai’s body emanated a faint golden glow to defy the pressure from Jake’s aura. Jake’s aura was becoming more frenzied by the minute while the golden glow from Kai’s body was shining brighter.

The two were rooted in place as they battled. None of them moved or retreated. The two auras continuously collided.

Jake’s eyebrows pinched together into a frown at the impasse. He thought Kai’s abilities were weaker than his but was stunned to find out that was not the case after a single attack. Instead, Kai appeared to be on equal ground as him.

Jake had unleashed his aura to the maximum limit, yet Kai was still unmoving like a statue. The black-robed warriors surrounding them shuffled backward. They didn’t want to waste their powers withstanding the pressure generated by the battle.

At that time, no one noticed the aura in the hall was raging fiercely. The clash between the two auras created a terrifying force that crushed the furniture into dust.

Yet the blood demon standing behind Kai was unscathed. It didn’t move, nor did its expression change.


Finally, Jake and Kai took a step back simultaneously. The auras emanating from their bodies also dispersed immediately. The battle was a tie, for no one gained the upper hand.

“ Kai, how dare you trespass onto the Warriors Alliance’s territory with your paltry abilities! You’re truly ignorant. I guess ignorance is bliss. I don’t need help from anyone. Taking your life will be a cakewalk with this scepter of mine!” Jake said as he shot Kai a look of contempt.

“Is that so? I’ll stay here. Feel free to come and kill me any time you want to.”

Kai shrugged, spreading his arms with an unbothered look on his face. Seeing Kai’s indifference, Jake was hesitant to charge at him. He was uncertain if Kai had any cards up his sleeves.

“What’s wrong? Don’t dare to make a move? Let my girlfriend go if you’re scared. The Warriors Alliance will disappear from this moment onward if you force me to attack,” Kai warned coldly.

“Hmph! I don’t need to dirty my hands to kill you.” With a scoff, Jake took a step back. “Kill him!” Jake didn’t assault Kai himself. Instead, he ordered the Black Silver Robes to do so.

Seven Black Silver Robes, with the rank of Greater Martial Arts Marquis, should be overkill for dealing with Kai alone.

One attack from each could beat Kai into a pulp. The Black Silver Robes couldn’t defy Jake’s command. They stepped forward and had Kai surrounded in a second.

The auras unleashed by the seven men caused the entire building to shake. Kai stared at the seven warriors impassively. A cold glint shone in his eyes.

“Kill them all. I don’t want anyone alive,” Kai ordered.

Shock filled Jake as he hurriedly craned his neck to peer outside but didn’t see anyone there. Who was Kai commanding then? Could it be the guy with the empty gaze behind him?

Jake had already checked the man out the minute he stepped into the hall. The blood demon had no aura whatsoever, as though it were a dead body.

A person like that can’t be that powerful. Receiving Kai’s order, the blood demon stepped in front of Kai.

Meanwhile, the corners of Kai’s lip were pulled into a smirk as he retreated to the wall. The seven Black Silver Robes exchanged glances as they faced the blood demon, clueless about what to do.

A man with a blank look on his face had stepped up. He had no aura, so they didn’t know if they should attack him.

“Kill the retard too,” Jake demanded. A Black Silver Robe nodded at the order before he threw his fist toward the blood demon.

The Black Silver Robe didn’t put all his strength into his punch, thinking ten percent of his power was more than enough to beat a man without an aura into a pulp.

Kai’s smirk widened into a grin when he saw the Black Silver Robe had underestimated the blood demon’s ability. Anticipation filled him as he watched.

Things would be perfect if I had some popcorn right now. The punch from the Black Silver Robe drew ever closer. A split second later, it smashed into the blood demon’s chest.


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