The Mans Decree Chapter 1778

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1778
A Man Like None Other Novel
Kai sensed that something was amiss when he came to Crimson Palace. The ladies were all staring intently at him, seemingly angry. That confused Kai because he did not know.

what he had done to cross them. Though he had no idea what was going on,. their intense glare made him panic.

Instead of explaining anything, the ladies merely continued glowering at him, making him all the more anxious. In the end, Renee broke the silence. “ Kai, I heard you’re going to Seneris. Kai nodded. “That’s right.”

“And you’re going to Ice Bear Island?” Lizbeth. asked. “That’s right.” Kai nodded again. “You’re leaving tomorrow?” came Cecilia’s question. “Yep.” Kai bobbed his head one more time.

“Why didn’t you tell us that you’re going somewhere fun? Why aren’t you taking us with you? Have you forgotten about us? Do you have a heart?”

“Cecilia moved all the way here for you, but this is the way you’re treating her?” Lyanna snapped at Kai, her anger boiling over. “I haven’t been to Ice Bear Island. I’m so curious…”

Evangeline had been sealed away for thousands of years, so she had no idea Ice Bear Island even existed. “I haven’t been there either. I want to see what that place is like…” Millie gave Kai a pitiful look. “ Kai, can you take me there?”

“Take me there! Take me there!” “I want to go too!” “Me too!”

The ladies clamored, expressing their wish to go to Ice Bear Island. A headache struck Kai at that very moment. “I’m just going there to explore the ancient ruins, not to go on a holiday. It’s dangerous,” Kai explained in resignation.

“So what? Maybe we can help you out with the exploration of the ancient ruins. It’s not as if we’re a burden to you. Everyone here is capable!” Millie refuted.

“I’m not saying that you’re not capable, but this trip is really dangerous. It won’t be convenient to bring you ladies along with me.” Kai frowned, not knowing how to explain the situation to the ladies.

“Why would it be inconvenient? You’re just looking down on us ladies! That’s sexist!” Melanie uttered.

Kai was rendered speechless. In the end, he relented and inclined his head. “All right, come along with me. However, you have to listen to me when we reach there, and don’t wander off by yourself. I don’t have the time to manage you all.”

The ladies cheered loudly upon Kai’s acquiescence. They were so overjoyed it was as if they had won a battle.

Kai sighed helplessly as he watched the ladies cheer merrily. He was fearless in the face of strong opponents, but when it came to these ladies, he was truly at a loss.

All of a sudden, a gloomy voice came from the doorway. “Have you forgotten about me?”

When Kai turned around, he saw Astrid by the doorway with tears welling in her eyes, looking as if she had been wronged. Astrid’s appearance only made Kai’s head hurt even more.

Noticing the tears that were about to roll down Astrid’s cheek, he hastily uttered, “No, no, you’re going too.” Only then did Astrid break into a delighted smile.

Kai did not dare to stay at Crimson Palace for long, fearing that the ladies would put him on the spot again. The next day, at Jadeborough’s airport, Rayleigh brought a group of people to send Kai off.

Kai had planned to head to Ice Bear Island with only Flaxseed and Gilbert, but alas, he ended up going with more than ten people instead.

In order to keep an eye on the ladies, Kai asked Colin to come along. He was taking the opportunity to let Colin and Renee get to know each other better.


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