The Mans Decree Chapter 1779

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1779
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Have a safe trip, Kai,” Rayleigh said with a smile. “Mr. Chance, you have it tough this time. These girls won’t be easy to deal with,” Franklin teased, smiling from ear to ear. Kai gave him a wry smile before leading the group to board the plane.

Everyone’s attention was immediately attracted when the ladies-Lizbeth, Evangeline, Anna, Cecilia, Millie, Melanie, Lyanna, and Renee- boarded the plane with Kai.

After all, the eight ladies were all charming and beautiful in their own right. Cecilia’s surreal beauty, especially, as well as Melanie and Lyanna’s charm, caught the eyes of the men on the plane.

Kai was sitting beside Flaxseed, and the moment they entered the plane, Flaxseed. began sighing. “What’s the matter, Mr. Flaxseed?” Kai asked in confusion.

“ Kai, I don’t want to hear any comments from you when I’m looking for women in the future. It’s not your place to ridicule me when you have so many ladies at your service! Look at how pretty and outstanding they are. Why can’t I find anyone who is like them?” Flaxseed muttered as he stared at Kai jealously.

Words eluded Kai, and he didn’t how to respond to Flaxseed’s complaints. However, Colin chimed in, “Mr. Flaxseed, we’ll get you some girls when we’re at Seneris.”

Colin’s promise was exactly what Flaxseed. wanted to hear, so Flaxseed beamed. “Sure, sure, but I don’t want to hear anything from Kai.”

“Of course, of course.” Kai chuckled and shook his head. The plane took off steadily into the sky. Soon, the excitement wore off, and they quietened down. Kai closed his eyes and rested.

Right then, the voice of an air stewardess came from the end of the plane. “Mister, the plane is currently in the air. Please return to your seat and don’t move around.”

“What’s wrong with me walking around? I’m f*cking tired! Stop sticking your nose into my business!” The bald passenger then shoved the air stewardess, who nearly fell from the force.

Instantly, many passengers glared angrily at the bald man. Alas, none dared to say anything when they saw the ferocious look on the bald man’s face.

The bald man then walked ahead, holding a rose that had appeared out of nowhere. Once he reached the eight ladies, he began. studying them with lecherous eyes.

Noticing his gaze, the eight ladies frowned as similar looks of disdain appeared on their faces. “ Kai, someone’s eyeing your ladies,” Flaxseed said as he nudged Kai, who still had his eyes closed.

However, Kai only opened his eyes to glance at the bald man before closing them again. Flaxseed was baffled by the lack of reaction from Kai. “Do you not care about someone flirting with your ladies?”

“No. Also, the bald guy’s going to be in trouble,” Kai nonchalantly answered. After all, Lizbeth and the others were no doormats. Any one of them could beat the living daylights out of the bald man, so why should Kai even worry about them?

In the meantime, the bald man was unperturbed by the looks of disgust from the ladies. He was all smiles as he said, “Ladies, can we get to know each other? I’ll foot the bills for all your accommodation, food, and entertainment once we reach Ice Bear Island. I can even take you around the best places for food in the area, as well as the tourist spots. You won’t need to spend any money at all!”

The bald man was trying his best to make himself look good in hopes of impressing Lizbeth and the others. However, everyone but one-Lyanna-ignored him. Lyanna only lifted her brow at him.

When the bald man noticed that, he shuddered and handed the rose in his hand to her.


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