The Mans Decree Chapter 1780

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1780
A Man Like None Other Novel
“My lady, it seems like it’s fate that we meet here today. Shall we exchange numbers?” The bald man was sure that his tactic had worked when he saw Lyanna looking at him.

All he wanted was for at least one woman to respond to him. Thus, the bald man put all of his focus on Lyanna. “Yes, I think it’s indeed fate, good sir,” Lyanna said as a glint flashed past her eyes.

The way she had called him “good sir” made a pleasant shudder run down the bald man’s spine. For a moment, he felt as if he had ascended to the heavens.

Lyanna knew that the right time had come at the sight of the bald man’s expression. Hence, she continued, “Why don’t you perform a round of pole dancing to cheer us up?”

“Sure, sure.” The bald man was staring at Lyanna in a daze, almost drooling. He was so infatuated that he would do anything Lyanna asked him to.

Thus, the bald man started swaying his large body on the plane. The sight made people guffaw in amusement. Yet, the bald man ignored them and only had eyes for Lyanna.

“Why don’t you do a strip dance too?” Lyanna suggested. Soon, the bald man began taking off hist clothes. Only when he was left with his underwear did Lyanna stop him.

As the bald man continued shaking his hips, everyone bent over, laughing so hard that they began tearing up. “Get on your knees and slap yourself,” Lyanna ordered.

Without hesitating, the bald man kneeled before Lyanna and started slapping himself. As he exerted much force into his slaps, his face soon swelled up.

At that moment, the onlookers finally noticed something amiss, and they began looking at the bald man in confoundment.

Right then, an expressionless man with sunglasses took off his sunglasses, his cold gaze landing on Lyanna..

Sensing his gaze, Lyanna whipped her head toward the bespectacled man. The latter quickly put on his sunglasses again when Lyanna turned in his direction.

At that, Lyanna shook the odd feeling off and continued messing with the bald man. “ Kai, I never expected these ladies to be so impressive. I’d like to see how you’re going to tame them in the future,” Flaxseed uttered in glee.

Kai pretended not to hear him as he continued to rest with his eyes shut. After a seven-hour flight, the plane landed on Ice Bear Island.

Originally, there was no airport there, but as trade business prospered and the number of tourists increased, an airport was built. Once Kai and the others stepped out of the plane, they were greeted by a vast snowy sight.

A police car was waiting nearby, and as soon as the passengers got down from the plane, the police took the bald man away.

All year round, Ice Bear Island’s temperature was in the negative twenties to thirties, so everyone there wore thick coats. Kai and the others were clad in thin clothes, but for someone with their capabilities, the cold posed no issue.

Just as they exited the airport, a short man who spoke in a Chanaean accent said, “Mister, do you need a cab? Where would you like to go? I can take you anywhere.”

“Please send us to the hotel first,” Kai told him. “Sure. Are there only four of you?”

The short man noted that there were four people before him, and they would fit just right in one car. However, Kai shook his head and pointed at Lizbeth and the others. “They’re with us too.”

The short man furrowed his brows briefly when he saw the large group. “What’s the matter? Are there too many of us?” Kai asked in confusion after studying the short man’s expression.

“No, no, no. I’ll go get the car now.” The short man waved his hands about before running off in haste. In a few minutes, the short man returned with two more Chanaeans.

There were three cars in total, and it was a perfect fit for Kai and the others. However, just as they hopped onto the cars, five large burly men came over.


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