The Mans Decree Chapter 1783

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1783
A Man Like None Other Novel
“Mr. Thompson, can I ask you something?” Kai asked. “Of course. I am familiar with everything regarding Ice Bear Island,” Dale replied with confidence.

Kai questioned, “Do you know about the ancient ruins of Ice Bear Island?” “The ancient ruins?” Taken aback, Dale shot Kai a surprised look. “Did you come here for the ancient ruins?” “Yes, that’s right.” Kai nodded.

“My young friend, I would advise you to reconsider. You are not skilled enough to venture into the ancient ruins. Over the years, many individuals have sought out the location of the ancient ruins with the intention of entering it. Despite all their efforts, no one has ever been successful. In fact, many died trying to find it,” Dale revealed.

“They failed to find the ancient ruins? Why is that?” Kai was surprised. Ice Bear Island isn’t very big. Why did they fail to find the ancient ruins?

“The ancient ruin is hidden underneath a thick blanket of snow, so its location is hard to find. Many experts from different countries have attempted to locate it, but none have been

successful. Some even paid the ultimate price for their efforts, either dying or getting injured. We are all Chanaeans here, so my advice to you is to enjoy your time here and forget about the ruins. It’s not worth risking your life for it,” Dale advised.

Hearing that, Kai grew more interested in the ancient ruins. He asked, “Mr. Thompson, do you know about Engarder Sect?”

“Engarder Sect?” Dale racked his brains before shaking his head. “I don’t know. I’ve never even heard of it!” Dale didn’t know anything, so Kai stopped

asking questions. He knew Engarder Sect had disappeared a long time back for anyone to know about its existence.

After a brief chat with Dale, Kai and Gilbert made to leave. They had just stood up when a commotion sounded outside. Shorty ran in shortly after.

“Shorty, what’s going on?” Dale asked. “Mr. Thompson, the bikers are here. They want us to compensate them for hurting their men!” Shorty reported.

“F*ck it. I have yet to settle scores with them after what they did at the airport. How dare they show up here? Come, let’s see what they want!” Dale stormed out furiously.

Seeing that, Kai went after them. As he stepped out of the building, he was met with a terrifying sight. There was a group of burly men whose eyes were narrowed in a menacing glare.

Against them were the men from The Chanaean Brotherhood. However, the members of The Chanaean Brotherhood were clearly not as muscular as their enemies.

A man covered with tattoos and wearing earrings parted his lips to speak in broken Chanaean. “Dale, your men beat my men up at the airport. How do you think we should deal with it?”

“Ivano, your men initiated the fight. How dare you come here demanding answers when they ended up injured? Furthermore, it was a passenger who defeated your subordinates, not us. The passenger could not tolerate your men’s harassment and took action,” Dale retorted calmly.

“There he is! They are in this together!” Right then, the man with a beard who got beaten up earlier spotted Kai standing behind the members of The Chanaean Brotherhood and pointed him out.

Upon seeing that, Ivano sneered, “Dale, what else is there to say? The culprit is right here! Hand him over to me and cover the medical expenses. Then, I will drop the matter.”

“Nonsense! Have you ever seen The Chanaean Brotherhood handing anyone away? If you refuse to back down, let’s fight!” Dale announced. He didn’t take the bikers seriously as he could easily take them down as a Martial Arts Grandmaster.


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