The Mans Decree Chapter 1786

A Man Like None Other Chapter 1786
A Man Like None Other Novel
Kai merely laughed. “How could I have found it when so many others have failed to? An island of this size would take a year and a half to comb through.”

“We don’t have to search the entire Ice Bear Island to locate the ancient ruins, Mr. Chance. There is a spot more likely than the rest because people disappear there almost every year, never to be seen again. That is why some suspect that the ancient ruins are there. We just cannot find the entrance,” Dale informed him..

Kai’s eyes brightened. “Where is this place?” “Bring Mr. Chance a map.”

One of Dale’s men returned with a map soon after the order was given, and Dale circled a spot. “Over here, around the snowy mountains. Rumor has it that the ancient ruins are at the foothills of the snowy peak, but nobody has ever seen them.”

Kai gazed thoughtfully at the location, asking, “Have you been there?”

“I’ve been there twice,” Dale affirmed, “but I have never seen any signs of the ancient ruins. It’s snowy plains as far as the eye can see.” “Could you bring us there for a look tomorrow, Mr. Thompson?”

Kai wanted Dale to take them, as the latter was familiar with the route. “No problem. It is my honor to serve you, Mr. Chance, Dale answered eagerly.

After leaving The Chanaean Brotherhood, Kai and Gilbert did not return to the hotel but began wandering around the shopping district instead.

Due to the cold weather, there were virtually no. animate wares in the shopping district, though it somehow had gemstones and magic swords for sale, given its size.

The items on sale were possibly caused by the sheer number of martial artists who come in search of the ancient ruins every year. Demand fueled the market, after all.

“All their wares are junk. Besides, we have not run into many experts. Could they all have left after failing to locate the entrance to the ancient ruins?”

Gilbert noticed the poor quality of the shopping district’s wares and the lack of experts they had encountered. Logically speaking, the ancient ruins would attract many skilled warriors, yet they scarcely met any.

He inferred they were sent home in defeat following their failure to locate the ancient ruins’ entrance.

Just when Kai and his companion were about to head back after their round, a hum reverberated through Kai’s skull. As if sensing something, Dragonslayer Sword began to vibrate.

Kai froze in his tracks. He gazed up and discovered a vendor packing his things, seemingly ready to head home. At that moment, Kai’s attention was arrested by one of the swords the vendor was packing away.

The wispy aura emanated by the sword drew him toward it. “May I see the sword in your hand, sir?” Kai asked upon walking over. “This sword? Here, have a look. You can have it for five million if you like.”

The merchant handed the sword to Kai. “What kind of sword is worth five million? Are you robbing us in broad daylight?” Gilbert glared suspiciously.

“My woefully ignorant friend, this sword slices through steel like clay. It’s the pride of Engarder Sect.”

The vendor’s words stunned Kai, as he did not expect a lowly peddler to be acquainted with Engarder Sect. “How do you know that this sword belonged to Engarder Sect?” he asked with a curious gaze at the merchant.

“It’s written on the hilt, isn’t it?” the merchant replied as he glanced at the sword. Kai took a closer look. The sword had become rusty, which made it look old and worthless.

However, the bottommost spot of the hilt bore the inscription “Engarder Sect” in bold letters, plainly engraved when it was forged. When Kai picked up the sword, Dragonslayer Sword within him seared powerfully. He grinned with excitement.


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