The Mans Decree Chapter 2037

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2037
A Man Like None Other Novel
Kai loosened his grip, and Toyotomi’s desiccated body plopped to the ground with a light thud. “Woah! This feels good!” Excitement flooded Kai at the surge of spiritual energy within him..

Even though he had absorbed Toyotomi’s powers, Kai’s ability didn’t advance to the next level. Kai was satisfied with the outcome regardless since Toyotomi’s current powers were a tiny fraction of what it was before.

Moreover, after advancing into the Martial Arts. Saint rank, Kai would need a substantial amount of spiritual energy and resources to boost his cultivation level further. Hiroichi stared at the desiccated corpse of Toyotomi with a gaping mouth.

He’s the Deity whom the entire populace of Xendale worship. The Deity with countless worshippers who had been revered for centuries was obliterated just like this? How is this possible?

Despite Hiroichi’s disbelief, the truth was right in front of his eyes. He bore witness to Toyotomi’s defeat with his own two eyes, so denial was pointless.

Ryosuke abruptly dropped to his knees and yelled, “Almighty Master, you’re the true Deity!” Seeing Ryosuke’s action, Yuri immediately followed suit and knelt on the ground.

As the head of the Watanabe family, Ryosuke was a well-known figure, and many looked up to him. Yet, the respected Ryosuke was kneeling in front of Kai and even regarded him as a Deity.

Watching the scene unfold, Hiroichi hurriedly crawled over Ryosuke’s side and pushed himself to kneel despite shaking like a leaf. “Deity above, please accept our devout prayer!” Hiroichi kowtowed with a pious expression. “Deity…”

At that moment, Thousand Crane Shrine followers, who survived, all dropped to their knees and kowtowed. They figured even Hiroichi had reelected a new Deity. Mere followers like them had no reason to uphold their old faith. Plus, their belief was crushed right in front of their eyes.

The corners of Kai’s lips curled into a cold smile as he looked at Hiroichi with an icy gaze. “You’ve worshipped Hideyoshi for so many years. How can you change your belief so quickly? It looks to me like your faith isn’t strong at all,” Kai commented indifferently.

“Your Holiness, that Hideyoshi was nothing but a fake! He was just a wisp of soul. You are the real Deity! I’ll order a new temple to be erected and place a statue of Your Holiness in it. So that Your Holiness can receive the prayers from tens of thousands of worshippers,” Hiroichi flattered.

Needless to say, Hiroichi was doing his best to curry Kai’s favor so that he could live. “You cowardly scumbag, what’s the point of sparing your life?”

With a gentle wave of Kai’s hand, a stream of aura pierced through Hiroichi’s chest. Hiroichi looked down in disbelief at the gushing. blood flowing from the hole in his chest before slowly tumbling to the ground.

Gazing at the field of kneeling worshippers, Kai said, “Ryosuke, I’ll leave things here to you. Make everyone understand I’m their Deity, and their Deity is a Chanaean.”

“Yes, Master,” Ryosuke complied with a nod. Kai led Flaxseed and the others down the mountain while Yuri stuck closely to Kai. Yuri was acting like a servant with her head. slightly bowed. She paid attention to each of Kai’s moves and tried to comprehend the meaning behind every gesture.

Within a day, Thousand Crane Shrine was eradicated. News of the Watanabe family reelecting a new Deity had spread throughout the entire Jetroina.

With followers who witnessed the entire scene, they excitedly spread what they’d seen. Before long, Kai was gaining followers left and right. Ryosuke had constructed a new shrine and prepared a statue of Kai.

At the same time, the news of the new Deity being a Chanaean had spread. It courted dissatisfaction from other shrines, for the revered Deities of the other shrines were all well-known Jetroinian figures. It was a big no-no for a nameless Chanaean to suddenly appear and be treated as one of Jetroina’s Deities.


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