The Mans Decree Chapter 2038

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2038
A Man Like None Other Novel
The other shrines started to pressure Ryosuke. Even though the Watanabe family was big and had high social standing in Xendale, it was still difficult for Ryosuke to withstand the pressure exerted by a few shrines.

“Master, the construction of our shrine has been obstructed. Also, droves of our followers had been cheated to pray at other shrines.” Like a child who did something wrong, Ryosuke reported the latest updates to Kai with a bowed head.

Kai had initially planned to return to Chanaea. After all, Asuka was already dead. No one would cause him trouble in Chanaea anymore. Plus, he had eradicated Thousand Crane Shrine and was being revered as a Deity.

Yet, seeing the current situation, he decided to stay in Jetroina for a while longer. Kai felt it was much faster and easier to improve his ranks by absorbing Toyotomi’s powers than through cultivation.

Since the ones he drained were Jetroinians, he didn’t feel any guilt about his actions. “Ryosuke, how many shrines are there in Jetroina?” Kai asked impassively.

Stunned by his question, Ryosuke snapped out of it quickly before answering. “There are four shrines in Jetroina, Master. Other than Thousand Crane Shrine that you have. destroyed, there are also Zenko Shrine, Zenden. Shrine, and Seida Shrine. The Deities worshiped by the three shrines are all Martial Arts Gods from centuries ago.”

Ryosuke looked up at Kai silently as he waited for his order. He knew Kai wouldn’t ask for these details without cause. “ Kai, are you thinking of eradicating the other shrines too?”

Flaxseed had seen through Kai’s intention. Kai nodded. “That’s right. I want Jetroina to revere only one Deity, and that’s me.” Besides having Jetroinians revere him, Kai mainly wanted to devour the other Deities” powers.

If he absorbed all the powers from the other three Deities, his ability would most likely ascent to the next level. “Master, you’ll probably attract the higher-ups’ attention and cause an uproar if you eradicate the other three shrines.” Ryosuke pointed out.

“So what if I gain their attention? If they’re not happy about it, I can slaughter them and take their places,” he said indifferently with a cold smirk. With his current abilities, he was basically unrivaled in the mundane world..

As long as he didn’t step into the secret realm,, the whole mundane world would be under his feet. The highest cultivation rank in the mundane world was Martial Arts Saint. Other Martial Arts Saints’ powers couldn’t be compared to Kai’s despite being in the same rank.

Hearing Kai’s comment, Ryosuke merely lowered his head silently. He believed Kai was a man of his word since he had the capability. Arriving at Fujio Mountain, Kai clasped his hands behind his back as he overlooked the entire Jetroina with an icy gaze.

This place marks my beginning in Jetroina. “I’ll start the massacre from today.” With that declaration, he disappeared from the mountain. Shuumei Mount of Jetroina was famous for its steep racing course. Every year droves of racing enthusiasts would race their cars up and down the winding mountain paths.

A small shrine sat on the top of Shuumei Mount. It was one of the Four Great Shrines of Jetroina, Zenko Shrine. The Deity worshiped at the shrine was Chika Zenko, a Martial Arts God..

However, not one worshipper could be seen on the square of Zenko Shrine, only hundreds of samurais standing in battle array. Within the shrine, Sugimoto Zenko, the president of Zenko Shrine, sat quietly with his eyes shut as though he was waiting for something.

Around him were ten renowned Jetroinian mages. As the seventh-generation descendant of the Martial Arts God, Chika, Sugimoto had always resided in the shrine to safeguard the statue of his ancestor.

The eradication of Thousand Crane Shrine sent alarm bells ringing in Sugimoto’s head. Through divination, he felt something big would hit the shrine that day. Thus, he had gathered all the forces the shrine possessed.


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