The Mans Decree Chapter 2040

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2040
A Man Like None Other Novel
Followed by the clanging sound, the katana of the few samurais at the front snapped. At the same time, a huge countershock force caused them to fly out and exploded into blood mists in the air.

Sugimoto, who had been watching everything from the island, could not help but frown. Although the samurais had exploded into blood mists caused by the countershock force, the other warriors did not retreat. The spirit of the samurais and their beliefs made them unafraid of death.

“Attack!” Dozens of samurais brought their swords down on Kai in unison, and their blades focused on one spot. Seeing that, Kai activated Golem Body, and his body was instantly covered in shiny, golden scales. It was as if he had put on a golden armor.

“Hmph. I’m going to destroy that samurai spirit of yours,” Kai scoffed. With a gentle wave of his hand, a terrifying energy shot out and hit dozens of his enemies. All of them were thrown. into the air and exploded into blood mists.

Blood began raining down from the sky while disembodied limbs and organs scattered on the ground. A strong scent of blood lingered in the air of the mountain.

That was what Kai wanted. Since the samurais were controlled by the teachings of the samurai, Kai had to use the most vicious and violent method to make them feel fearful.

Nonetheless, as soon as that batch of samurais died, another group charged forward. Each one of them had a murderous aura. They did not look the slightest bit afraid.

At that, Kai stretched out his right hand, and Dragonslayer Sword appeared in it. Kai then waved Dragonslayer Sword, producing a light several feet long that split the samurais charging at him in half.

The warriors’ upper bodies collapsed to the ground while their feet continued running because of the inertia before tumbling down. Blood spurted everywhere. With the help of Dragonslayer Sword, Kai slaughtered dozens of samurais with one swing.

When the samurais, who were split in half, collapsed to the ground, a group of fearless warriors charged forward again. Kai narrowed his gaze as powerful sword energy circled Dragonslayer Sword. The sword energy rushed toward the samurais and cut them into pieces.

Kai would not let them die while their body. remained intact. Staring at the fallen samurais scattered all over the ground, Samurai turned around and gave the ten mages a look. They immediately nodded and began casting spells.

White, silk-like threads formed in the sky and made a beeline for Kai. The threads then began to entangle around him until he was wrapped firmly like a cocoon. Sugimoto let out a sigh of relief when he saw.

Kai restrained, and a smile crept to his lips. While Sugimoto was still grinning with glee, he saw golden light spilling out of the white threads. In the next second, the white threads snapped, allowing Kai to regain his freedom.

“Are you challenging me to a fight using magecraft?” he sneered. Kai suddenly crossed his hands and raised them to the sky. Dark clouds instantly gathered in the sky, and heavenly thunder roared.

The sudden phenomenon left Sugimoto and the mages dumbfounded. They knew how much mental energy was needed to perform such spectacular magecraft. Before they could react, bolts of heavenly thunders came rolling down the sky.

Rumble! Every strike from the heavenly thunder reduced a mage into dust.


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