The Mans Decree Chapter 2046

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2046
A Man Like None Other Novel
A faint smile tugged at Kai’s lips. “It’s okay, Fandor. I’m confident in winning the duel.” Seeing that the man was so sure of himself, Fandor could not quite say anything further.

Since Kai agreed to a duel with Kawasaki three days later, Jetroina’s martial arts world started hyping things up and mandated everyone who was someone in the martial arts world to watch the event.

It was going to be Kawasaki’s last battle. In the future, no one could witness the flair of the top samurai in Jetroina anymore. Many people promptly set off upon learning about the duel and headed toward Fujio Mountain’s volcanic crater.

Although ordinary people could not climb up the volcanic crater, they still tried their best to ascend Fujio Mountain to the highest point possible.

Thus, Fujio Mountain was already crowded before the day of the duel. Everyone there came for a glimpse of the top samurai in Jetroina-an immortal who had lived for almost two hundred years.

Even Jetroina’s government was paying close attention to the matter. Right then, all citizens of the country had their attentions riveted on that epic duel. In the blink of an eye, three days flew past.

Kai, Flaxseed, and Fandor headed toward Fujio Mountain’s volcanic crater. This time, Kai did not bring Ryosuke along because there were tons of things related to the Watanabe family that the latter needed to deal with at the moment. Among them was overseeing the construction of the shrine.

When Kai and the others arrived, they were wholly stunned by the sight before their eyes. People were everywhere on Fujio Mountain, almost occupying all available space.

Muto stood at the foot of the mountain, anxiously waiting for Kai to arrive. He was afraid that the man would fail to turn up. If that were to happen, they would have no way of explaining things to the people.

A great number of people were paying close attention to that matter, including the government. Verily, he would be at a loss to justify things if Kai did not put in an appearance.

The instant he spotted Kai’s car slowly approaching, the heart that had been lodged in his throat finally settled back into his chest. “Unexpectedly, you’re quite punctual, Mr. Chance,” Muto remarked.

“I’ve always been punctual, especially when it comes to a duel I’m sure to win,” Kai replied with a smirk. “You’re really arrogant,” Muto commented, the corners of his mouth lifting. “No, this isn’t arrogance but confidence,” Kai amended calmly. “Great! I hope you can remain confident until the very end.”

After saying that, Muto turned around and cast his gaze at the mountain. In no time, the dense crowd parted and made way for them. Following Muto, Kai slowly walked up the mountain.

Throughout the entire hike, everyone talked about him. “He was the one who destroyed the Four Great Shrines? He’s too young!” “Could it be a case of mistaken identity? He only looks to be in his twenties.”

“If it’s him, I can kill him with a single punch without needing Mr. Kuroki to intervene!” They all gaped at him in disbelief. Soon, Kai and the others reached the foot of the volcanic crater. If one wanted to climb up the volcanic crater, he would need to possess a certain degree of capability.

While there was a good deal of people in the volcanic crater then, they were all powerful figures in Jetroina’s martial arts world. In fact, the majority of them were Greater Martial Arts Marquises.

“Mr. Kuroki is waiting for you in the volcanic crater. You’ll have to go up by yourself as I don’t have the capability to do so,” Muto murmured.

Glancing at the volcanic crater, Kai abruptly leaped up, shooting right into the sky like ant arrow released from a bowstring. With that light jump, he sprang dozens of meters high.

On the heels of that, he tapped his forefoot on the stone wall, and his figure hurtled higher. again. Two leaps were all it took for him to reach the edge of the volcanic crater.

Right then, many people were standing on the edge of the volcanic crater. They were all elites in Jetroina’s martial arts world. Needless to say, Kazuo was one of them.

When Kai caught sight of the man, his gaze stilled on him for a heartbeat. Sensing Kai’s eyes on him, Kazuo shuddered imperceptibly and hastily dodged behind the person next to him.


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