The Mans Decree Chapter 2047

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2047
A Man Like None Other Novel
Meanwhile, everyone else gaped at Kai, all gasping in shock. Despite being impressively capable, they still had to employ martial energy to hike up the volcanic crater. Yet, the man achieved it with a gentle leap.

They had never witnessed such formidable capabilities. If they had such power, they would not have been trapped in the volcanic crater and mortifyingly needed Kawasaki to carve a passage out with a slash of the sword.

Fixing his eyes on the small hut in the volcanic crater, Kai glided down and landed steadily in front of the structure. As soon as his feet reached the ground, the door of the wooden hut opened automatically, and Kawasaki walked out slowly.

When he laid eyes on Kai, he was startled, for he had never imagined the man to be so young. Likewise, Kai was also taken aback. He did. not expect Kawasaki to have retained his middle-aged appearance, always having assumed that the latter was an elderly man with a gray beard.

Both of them were merely stunned briefly, gathering their wits about them in the next second. “You’re Kai Chance?” Kawasaki questioned. “And you’re Kawasaki Kuroki?” Kai queried in return.

In spite of the fact that Kai called him by his name, Kawasaki did not fly into a rage though no one in Jetroina dared to do so, not even the emperor. “Yes, that’s me.” Kawasaki nodded in affirmation.

“And I’m Kai Chance.” Similarly, Kai dipped his head a fraction. Thereafter, none of them said anything, merely staring at each other silently. While doing so, they both surreptitiously released a great burst of spiritual sense toward the other. In other words, they were feeling out each other’s capabilities..

However, the crowd in the volcanic crater was completely stumped to see both men motionless. They could not fathom what exactly Kai and Kawasaki were doing.

About a few minutes later, Kawasaki withdrew his spiritual sense and started unhurriedly, “I never expected you to be so young for real. Although your physique differs from the average person, you can’t possibly have attained such a high cultivation level at this age. How strange. It’s downright peculiar.”

Kai also retracted his own spiritual sense. “No wonder you dared not leave this place to duel with me. If you go out of here, not only will your capabilities weaken, but your present appearance will also age rapidly. Bluntly put, this place is just your cage. If I hadn’t agreed to come here to duel with you, you couldn’t have done anything about it either.”

The probing earlier granted them some understanding of each other. “You’re right. Indeed, I’m nothing more than a tiger in a cage. But since you’ve come here, you can only resign yourself to your fate.”

As Kawasaki said that, he waved a hand lightly. In a flash, the small wooden hut exploded. Immediately after, a stream of magma spurted out from the middle of the wooden hut, bringing along a katana.

Catching the katana, Kawasaki gripped it in his hand. “Draw your weapon,” he urged. “My spirit is one with my sword. I’ll naturally use a weapon when it’s time to do so,” Kai replied placidly. “Oh? Are you planning to fight me empty- handed?”

Narrowing his eyes a fraction, Kawasaki flung the katana in his hand back into the magma before continuing, “If so, I’ll do the same.” “I’d advise you to use your katana. Otherwise, I’m afraid you’d never have the opportunity to use it again,” Kai countered mildly.

“Hmph! What an arrogant brat! Your future would’ve definitely been infinitely promising since you managed to cultivate to such a high cultivation level at this age. Alas, you’re too full of yourself and not wary enough. Therefore, you’ve got to pay the price for your haughtiness!”

Kawasaki snorted. A frosty gleam glinted in his eyes, and he shot his hand out at Kai. He had made the first move.


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