The Mans Decree Chapter 2048

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2048
A Man Like None Other Novel
Upon seeing that Kawasaki had made a move, the crowd in the volcanic crater watched wide- eyed for fear of missing a second of the intriguing battle. Whoosh!

A gust of strong wind rushed at Kai. With a roar that resembled a howling gale, the immense burst of martial energy reached Kai in a split second.

Following that blast of air, even the magma that was jetting out was swept along, sparking a series of blistering flames. At that, Kai fisted his right hand. A golden light shimmered from it.

“Sacred Light Fist!” As he shot his clenched hand out, dense spiritual energy instantly gathered and formed a gigantic fist, rushing toward the air currents generated by Kawasaki’s punch.

Boom! The energy and wind collided, upon which a thunderous boom rang out. The volcanic crater turned into a natural loudspeaker, transmitting the sound to the skies.

The great blast forced everyone standing in the volcanic crater to clap their hands over their ears. In fact, practically the whole of Jetroina could hear that deafening boom. Subsequently, a great wave of residual energy rolled out in all directions. Blocked by the volcano walls, it proceeded to shoot upward.

In a trice, those in the volcanic crater were all sent flying by that force before they realized what was happening. They fell off one after another, promptly resulting in severe injuries and devastating casualties.

Even Kazuo toppled over and hit the ground hard. All who could stand in the volcanic crater were some of the most capable people in Jetroina’s martial arts world.

Yet, at that very moment, the aftermath of Kai and Kawasaki’s duel rendered them severely injured or dead. That was evidence of the tremendous power in the battle between the two men.

The magma that gushed out of the volcanic crater initially splattered out due to the force from the residual energy during the duel this time and rained down from the sky.

At once, many people were scalded by the magma, their wails of pain echoing incessantly. Right then, the outside of the volcanic crater resembled hell on Earth.

Meanwhile, Kai and Kawasaki stared at each other after exchanging that blow. Kawasaki’s expression started taking on a grim shade, and his right arm trembled imperceptibly.

With just that first exchange of blows earlier, he had sensed the infinite energy within Kai. After all, a single move was all it took to tell the victor when elites battled.

His pupils abruptly began constricting. Despite having cultivated for more than a hundred. years, he doubted himself in that instant. Even if Kai had cultivated from the day he was conceived, he shouldn’t possess such colossal martial energy!

Nonetheless, he remained fearless in the face of his shock. He was convinced that the martial energy within Kai would eventually be exhausted in spite of its enormity.

On the contrary, he could perpetually absorb the heat from the underground magma so long as he remained in the volcanic crater. In other words, he could have an unending stream of power infusion, but the same could not be said of Kai. That was his advantage..

“Let me see how much martial energy exactly you can store in your body, kid!” Having said that, Kawasaki let out a roar and attacked Kai once more.

He used his palm as a blade and swung it at Kai without holding back. This time, the martial energy was so condensed that it immediately cut through the air with a piercing whizz.

Seeing that, Kai swiped a finger through the air, using it as a sword. A flash of golden light. shimmered, followed by an immense burst of spiritual energy shooting out from his finger. It then condensed into a long sword and likewise struck at Kawasaki. Although neither of them used weapons, they formed blades with their energies and battled.

Clang! While the blades were formed by condensed energy, they still produced a crisp metallic cling upon collision. On the heels of that, Kawasaki’s domineering blade was severed by the glint of light from Kai’s blade. However, the terrifying sword energy did not stop there. It headed straight for Kawasaki’s chest.

Kawasaki’s brows creased, and he had no choice but to back away to dodge it. Unfortunately, his retreat then was considered a defeat in the eyes of others.


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