The Mans Decree Chapter 2050

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2050
A Man Like None Other Novel
The heat from the magma continued to gather on Kawasaki’s body. The martial energy that he had lost was replenished in an instant. In other words, Kawasaki’s power could be maintained at its peak for a long time.

That was Kawasaki’s greatest asset. Hence, he was confident in his abilities. “I’d like to see how long your shadow clones can last…” With that, Kawasaki swung his katana at Kai once more.

On the other hand, Kai summoned back all of his shadow clones. After all, his spiritual energy would deplete faster if he had lots of shadow clones.

Kawasaki could gain energy from the magma, but Kai could not. He also could not convert the heat to spiritual energy. Kawasaki kept swinging his katana, the sword moving so swiftly that all one could see was nothing but blur shadows. Kai also swung his sword toward Kawasaki.

Clang! Sparks flew as their swords collided, and an ear-piercing clang spread across the area. It was their nth time fighting as their swords collided with one another..

The changes in the wind due to the battle caused the volcano’s magma to splatter everywhere. Clang! Another loud clang was heard before the two figures separated. Kawasaki stared at Kai as surprise flashed across his eyes.

He did not expect that Kai would not show any hint of exhaustion after fighting for such a long time. He was shocked to see Kai still full of martial energy and having a strong aura.

Kai’s fighting spirit grew as he stared at Kawasaki. The stronger his opponent was, the more excited Kai would become. That was because Kai could absorb more power from stronger opponents.

“Amazing! Let’s go again!” Kai smirked as his grip on Dragonslayer Sword tightened. His competitive spirit was ignited, and there was no sign of it weakening.

He raised Dragonslayer Sword and swung it forward.

A thunderous dragon roar could be heard as the sword was swung. The sword energy instantly transformed into a golden dragon, soaring into the sky and flying around.

Upon seeing that, Kawasaki’s expression turned grim as he moved forward and kept slashing at the body of the golden dragon.

Clang! The two swords clashed against one another once more. Kawasaki was hit with a huge counter-shock that he staggered backward. The katana in his hand vibrated non-stop as though it feared the golden dragon.

Kai did not stop. Kawasaki is at a disadvantage! My chance has arrived! A murderous glint flashed across Kai’s eyes as his competitive spirit bubbled within him.

“The first technique of Nine Shadows!” A bright light flashed around Dragonslayer Sword before a green light shot out of the sword.

The green light transformed into a human figure. Although its face and gender could not be determined, it was clearly the figure of a human. “The sword spirit…”

Kai was taken aback when he saw the figure. He did not expect the Dragonslayer Sword’s sword spirit to have formed. Though it was not fully mature, it actually exited the sword and showed up.

I’ll gain another powerful helper if the sword spirit fully matures! The sword spirit stood proudly on top of the golden dragon. Kawasaki was terrified to see such a scene.

He did not expect Dragonslayer Sword in Kai’s hand to produce a sword spirit. The sword spirit had not properly formed but could leave the sword, and the aura it emitted was outrageously strong.

Kawasaki elevated all the martial energy in his body as he tried to control the vibrating katana in his hand. The magma beneath his feet slowly solidified and turned black as he absorbed large amounts of heat from it. The sword spirit rode the golden dragon and soared toward Kawasaki. Kawasaki clenched his teeth and swung the katana.

Clang! Light spread out in all directions as the katana collided with the sword spirit and golden dragon. Katana staggered backward once more as a small dent appeared on the katana.


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