The Mans Decree Chapter 2051

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2051
A Man Like None Other Novel
A hint of fear rose within Kawasaki. Though Kawasaki could continuously absorb martial energy, Kai also seemed to have endless energy within him. If they were to continue fighting, Kawasaki would lose to Kai even if he could keep absorbing martial energy. Just as Kawasaki tried to devise a new strategy, Kai held onto his sword and leaped.

His sword flashed a green light. He was not going to let Kawasaki have even a chance to breathe. Every time there was a pause in the fight, it would allow Kawasaki to regain more martial energy. I won’t let him have the chance to recover!

The green light flashed before Kawasaki. He could not afford to be careless as he swung his katana toward Kai’s sword to counter the attack.

The loud sound of an explosion erupted as Kawasaki backed away once again. Kai was getting faster and faster with each swing of his sword.

Kawasaki had no choice but to welcome each of Kai’s attacks. The martial energy in him was depleting quickly. Even if he could absorb the heat from the magma to get more, recovering from such a huge decrease in martial energy was hard.

Beads of cold sweat formed on Kawasaki’s forehead as he breathed heavily. The katana in his hand was chipped and dented. Although it looked like it was about to break in half, Kawasaki had no choice. He could only rely on the katana to continue the fight..

On the other hand, Kai got more excited as the battle progressed. The spiritual energy within him erupted as the draconic essence on his chest flashed brightly, and Power of Dragons constantly flowed through him.

He put away Dragonslayer Sword when he noticed Kawasaki was at his limit. Kai aimed not to kill Kawasaki but to absorb his power instead. Seeing that Kai had put away Dragonslayer Sword, Kawasaki realized it was his last chance to defeat Kai.

“Shadow Slash!” Kawasaki used up the last of his energy and raised his katana. His eyes glowed red. It looked like he was close to merging with the sword.

The light shot out of the katana and soared toward the sky, out of the volcano’s entrance. Even the people outside the volcano could see the terrifying light flying through the clouds.

Kawasaki immediately stepped forward as the light from his katana slashed forward. That last attack would determine the end of the fight.

Right after Kawasaki delivered the last blow, the katana could no longer bear the pressure and instantly broke into several pieces. He stared dumbfoundedly at the katana with only the handle left before throwing it away. It doesn’t matter how this end. After all, it’s the last attack! He could only hope that the last blow could either harm or kill Kai.

“Hmph!” However, Kai snickered as he faced Kawasaki’s last blow. Boom! He swung his fist and punched a black hole into the void. Kai could not manipulate the space around him at the moment, nor could he rely on his power and rip open the void to go to the place he wanted.

However, it was possible if he wanted to punch the void and create a hole. The light from Kawasaki’s sword entered the hole created in the void and immediately vanished.

The hole in the void soon disappeared, but the shockwaves created by Kai’s punch had not. The shockwaves slammed into Kawasaki, sending him flying backward before he crashed onto the stone wall and spat out a mouthful of blood.

Kawasaki aged quickly and soon turned into the appearance of an elderly. His face was filled with wrinkles, and his breathing was slow. It looked as though he was about to die.

Kawasaki’s eyes no longer had any shine in them. With his hands on the ground, he quickly tried to absorb the heat from the magma into his body.

Kai slowly made his way toward Kawasaki. However, Kawasaki did not move, nor could he move. At that moment, his body was rapidly aging, and the energy within him was dissipating. “Even if I die, I won’t let you absorb my power…” Kawasaki said. He could see through Kai’s intentions.


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