The Mans Decree Chapter 2053

A Man Like None Other Chapter 2053
A Man Like None Other Novel
When Kai made his proclamation, he exuded an overwhelming suppression. The aura enveloped the whole of Fujio Mountain. Succumbing to its pressure, every person in the crowd fell involuntarily to their knees.

Though they refused to believe that their deity and pillar of support had fallen, Kai’s presence which exuded the power of an immortal, compelled them to accept the truth.

“All hail, Your Holiness!” Suddenly, a voice called through the crowd. That person was Kazuo, the man who had betrayed Kai by leaking his information to Masato.

Kai has not only destroyed the Four Great Shrines, but he also killed Kawasaki. Who else in Jetroina could challenge him as an equal? In order to survive, Kazuo was forced to butter Kai up.

However, Kazuo’s voice rang out alone. Nobody else’s joined in. Though Kai had slain Kawasaki, it was going to take time for the martial arts world in Jetroina to accept the fact.

Some measures were also necessary to subjugate the martial artists of Jetroina. Realizing that nobody else joined him, Kazuo dropped his head in embarrassment.

Kai merely glanced at Kazuo before turning to Muto. “You Jetroinians can take it up with me anytime if you refuse to submit. I will be here for several more days.”

Without another word, Kai leaped down toward the foot of the mountain. The martial artists of Jetroina sank deep in thought as they gazed at Kai’s silhouette, like a hawk in flight.

When Kai disappeared into the distance, Muto turned his glare upon Kazuo. “You lowly treacherous snake! You have shamed the martial artists of Jetroina. I hereby sentence you to death!”

His rage was palpable. At once, all the martial artists lunged forward. Before Kazuo could utter a word in his defense, the crowd tore him apart so viciously that he was dead beyond doubt.

News of Kawasaki’s death by Kai’s hand spread quickly like a piece of explosive news throughout Jetroina. Though many martial artists in Jetroina tried their best to suppress the news, it was no use.

Almost overnight, the martial arts world of Jetroina had been likened to street rats, ridiculed and scorned by the rest of the world. Many of the younger martial artists of Jetroina called to restore Jetroinian dignity and avenge Kawasaki.

However, Muto and the other elders stopped them because they knew it was a suicide mission that could not end any other way. They are as insignificant as insects when facing Kai!

Under Kai’s leadership, the Watanabe family suddenly became the most powerful family in Jetroina. Ryosuke began commissioning shrines for Kai and statues in his likeness for followers to worship.

Though none within the martial arts world in Jetroina could stand up against Kai, they did not submit. They refused to acknowledge his divinity, much less worship him as a divine being.

As powerful as he was, Kai remained a Chanaean. The pride of the Jetroinians kept them from submitting. Shutting himself in a room, Kai spent three. days completely refining Kawasaki’s divine soul.

As a result, he attained Level Five Martial Arts Saint in a single bound. He would not fear even if he met an actual Martial Arts God, Furthermore, Dragonslayer Sword was now. imbued with a sword spirit. Given enough time, the weapon could even hold its own against a Martial Arts Saint.

“Your followers in Jetroina now number in the millions, Master, but those martial artists would not submit to you,” Ryosuke reported softly upon noticing that Kai had completed his cultivation. “Pay them no mind. I have a plan.”

Without another word, Kai exited the room. Gazing up at the full moon, Kai leaped and attained a height of several hundred meters with a single bound, as if almost arriving atop the moon itself.

Ryosuke’s jaw fell open in amazement at the sight. With several leaps, Kai arrived at the center of Xendale, in a luxurious palace.


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